Collecting Cultures evaluation

This research follows the progress of the 22 Collecting Cultures projects we have funded over the last four years. These projects were designed to help museums develop their collections, including through strategic acquisition programmes. Reports from each of the four years of the evaluation are available.




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HLF’s strategic collecting programme back by popular demand

This initiative – Collecting Cultures – builds on the achievements of the original Collecting Cultures programme which ran six years ago following extensive consultation with a wide range of museums, libraries and archives. Grants of between £50,000 and £500,000 will be available for developing

Evaluation guidance

In this guidance, we provide some information about how to carry out an evaluation of your National Lottery-funded project. This includes advice and ideas on producing your evaluation report, as well as information about evaluating the outcomes that your project aims to achieve.

Highlights from our Evaluation Live Chat

Last week we hosted an informative live chat about evaluation . We were joined by a panel of expert guests and also received questions and comments from external contributors. "Tell your project story and share your successes, but also explore what worked and what didn't work, as this will assist