Traditional Best Times of South Asian Women

Traditional Best Times of South Asian Women

Practical workshop at Manchester Museum
Practical workshop at Manchester Museum

Heritage Grants

Community on Solid Ground
This intergenerational project engaged migrant women in sharing the hobbies they had enjoyed back home in the sixties and seventies, ensuring these pastimes weren't lost forever.

This project is bringing us back to our heritage and we’re remembering how enjoyable our hobbies were and can be."

Community on Solid Ground promote community cohesion and social inclusion in South Manchester, through a variety of projects, activities and support services.

During the project older Muslim women from Pakistan and India talked about hobbies they had enjoyed during the 1960s and 1970s - before coming to the UK. These hobbies included traditional arts and crafts and games they played at home and school.

Reminiscence sessions captured memories and practical workshops demonstrated the hobbies, so that the younger women taking part could learn and enjoy the hobbies themselves.  A mobile exhibition and DVD will be created to share the project widely and the project culminates in an exhibition in the Manchester Museum in Spring 2017.