L8 Untold

L8 Untold

L8 members visiting the exhibition
L8 members visiting the exhibition

Heritage Grants

Liverpool, North West
B3 Media Limited
The L8 Untold Project will engage volunteers in the uncovering and recording of the hidden histories of Britain’s oldest Black community.

B3 Media are a storytelling organisation working with artists across various disciplines (including film, theatre, visual arts and music) to enable multicultural communities to get their stories seen and heard.

Liverpool is home to Britain's oldest black community, dating to the 1730's, yet there is very little recorded heritage and a lack of representation of this community in archives, museums and collections. The L8 Untold project will engage the local community, including school groups, through participatory events and activities to gather new oral histories from people who grew up and live in the Toxteth area of Liverpool.

The project will share this area of Liverpool’s history with the wider community through producing an exhibition, L8 Unseen, in partnership with The Museum of Liverpool.

To find out more about the exhibition visit the B3 Media website.