Keeping Britain Afloat

Keeping Britain Afloat

A Second World War veteran is interviewed

Heritage Grants

Legasee Educational Trust
The memories of Chatham Port Division veterans from the Second World War were recorded and intepreted for future generations.

The memories of over 50 veterans of the Chatham Port Division were captured on high-quality digital film by the military oral history charity Legasee. A wide variety of personal testimonies on life in the naval convoys that kept Britain and the Allied forces in arms, troops and food during the Second World War were recorded by more than 20 volunteers. The volunteers gained skills in oral history, filming techniques and organising a museum exhibit.

The charity also worked with Luton Primary School, inviting veterans to visit and talk with the children, enhancing their understanding of the impact of the Second World War on both the country and Chatham. The children and the veterans both enjoyed the experience, and lesson plans have been produced that fit with the national curriculum.

The £62,900 investment has ensured that this record is sustainable. There is now a permanent exhibition at Chatham Historic Dockyard with an accompanying programme of talks and guided tours. A microsite has also been set up to ensure that the information and insight gained by the project is available to all.