V&A at Dundee

The V&A in Dundee

Heritage Grants

DUNDEE, Scotland
Dundee City Council City Development
From the architecture of Robert Adam to the fashion of Bill Gibb, Scotland has an outstanding creative heritage stretching back centuries, in studio, industrial and technological design.

The V&A Dundee is an international centre of design in Scotland. It celebrates Scotland’s historic importance in design and hosts major exhibitions of outstanding international design that appeal to the wider public, as well as helping develop our understanding of our own and others heritage.

The V&A Dundee will play a vital role in the city’s regeneration, symbolising their high cultural and economic aspirations.

The V&A Dundee will have two permanent exhibitions, The Scottish Design Galleries which will present the extraordinary and internationally significant story of Scotland’s design heritage, providing an introduction to over 400 years of amazing creativity, ingenuity and achievement by Scots, across the globe.

Alongside the Scottish Design Galleries, V&A Dundee will also house frequently changing exhibitions of a broader design focus, curated by the V&A, V&A Dundee and other international museums that will enable access to our own and other peoples’ heritage.

In developing the V&A Dundee, there is a hope that the museum will become an international centre of design as well as showcasing Scotland’s excellence in design, past and present, as well as acting as a source of inspiration and opportunity for the Scottish creative industries.