Scotland's pride in focus

Scotland's pride in focus

Heritage Grants

Pink Saltire SCIO
Pink Saltire is a Scottish LGBT news and information charity founded in 2014.

Volunteers researched and created an LGBT+ timeline for Scotland. They developed new research skills, overcoming the challenges of limited archive material by using online sources and material from the attics of LGBT+ activists. The timeline stretched from the crowing of James I in 1603 to the 2018 ‘Historical sexual offences pardons and disregards law’ in Scotland. Over 11,000 people saw the 7-meter timeline at 24 events across Scotland, including events outside of cities.

The online timeline formed part of a new digital hub to signpost visitors to Scotland’s other LGBT+ heritage resources and explained the history of the organisation’s pink triangle logo.

“We deliberately chose to attend popular high profile summer events, where we know LGBT+ people go to celebrate our culture, but where exhibitions and historical events might not be the most common! The exhibition got people talking – yes celebrating our culture and identities, but also learning and sharing with each other.”

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