Roberts Park, Saltaire

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Heritage Grants

Bradford, Yorkshire and The Humber
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Roberts Park was opened in 1871, as an integral element of the model village created by Sir Titus Salt for his mill workers.

The park is located within the Saltaire World Heritage Site and is home to six listed structures. The park’s restoration forms one of the key objectives for the World Heritage Site management plan.

The project focused on restoring the Grade II listed historic landscape and park infrastructure, replacing lost features, and encouraging more visitors to the park.

Roberts Park is typical of the era and displays careful attention to symmetry and mathematical proportion. The northern portion of the park is characterised by a system of serpentine paths, landscaped gardens and a promenade with three shelters and a statue of Sir Titus Salt. The project included plans to improve the three Grade II listed shelters, as well as the pavilions, East Park lodge and the statue of Sir Titus Salt. The project also involved the reinstatement of the original bandstand and improvement works to the footpaths and the riverbank. 

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