The Re-Creators: The history of computer games and how they change us

A game from The Re-Creators project
A game from The Re-Creators project

Heritage Grants

Bolton, North West
Lever Park School
Young people will explore the evolution of computer games from Pong to modern-day narrative-based platform games.

Lever Park School is a school for young people aged 11-16 who have a statement relating to their social, educational and behavioural difficulties.

This project was devised in response to the young people wanting to explore the history of computer games as part of their school computer club.

The young people will investigate, explore and interpret how video games, technology, designers and players have evolved. The group will undergo interview training in order to capture oral histories from people who have made and played the games that they are researching.

They will also visit the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge to learn more about the way these games are produced.

Following on from their research the group will design their own game to teach people about the heritage of the UK's video gaming industry. This will be shared with local primary and secondary schools to engage more people with this heritage.

Their work will culminate with an exhibition of the group's work. The oral histories will be placed in the care of Archives+ in Manchester to share with future generations.

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