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The Piece Hall courtyard
The Piece Hall courtyard Iain Denby

Heritage Grants

HALIFAX, Yorkshire and The Humber
Calderdale Council
The Piece Hall in Halifax has been transformed into a nationally recognisable heritage asset.

Opened in 1779, the Piece Hall was designed to be a visible statement of the great wealth of the cloth merchants of Halifax. Since then it remained a focal point for the town, acting as a retail, cultural and entertainment venue.

However, more recently the Piece Hall fell into disrepair. This project has rejuvenated the Grade I listed building, and ensured its cultural, architectural and social heritage of the building would be preserved.

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council (CMDC) led on this work to not only restore the building itself, but also re-landscape the courtyard and deliver a comprehensive activity and events programme.

The Piece Hall will now have a mixture of heritage, commercial and learning uses. Work done on the building includes improvements to access arrangements and the removal of restoration work carried out in the 1970s.

The project also provides opportunities for volunteers to be involved in the running of the Piece Hall, and engages audiences from a wider geographical and social range.

Ultimately, the restoration of this key building forms part of the wider story of the restoration of Halifax itself. For more information, please visit the Piece Hall website

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