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Wicked Fish
People Like Us was the first substantial history of people with learning difficulties documented by the people themselves in the UK.

The two-year project explored, collected and shared the social and cultural history of people with learning difficulties in the Liverpool and the Merseyside region.

Wicked Fish are a theatre and creative arts organisation run by people with disabilities.  Following an interest in researching their family trees, the group became aware that people with learning difficulties are generally not aware of their own family history. As their research progressed they were able to talk about this more readily.

A unique collection of oral histories were collected and shared widely throughout Merseyside.  Using archive resources into historical institutions and their practices research was carried out to compare what life was like for people with learning difficulties in the past.

The project resulted in a collection of photos, artefacts and films being displayed as part of a three-month exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool which attracted over 155,000 visitors. As part of the exhibition a series of talks were given exploring the topic and Wicked Fish ran guided tours.

To find out more about the project, visit the Wicked Fish website.

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