First Light at Jodrell Bank

Jodrell Bank telescope

Heritage Grants

University of Manchester
Playing an internationally important role in the heritage of astronomy, Jodrell Bank is the single surviving site that shows the whole story of the invention of radio astronomy right through the space age.

Jodrell Bank Observatory is a world-leading research institution, responsible not only for operating the Lovell Radio Telescope and three other telescopes at Jodrell Bank, but also for hosting the UK’s National Radio Astronomy Facility.

The ‘First Light’ project has conserved and restored the heritage of the Jodrell Bank site and created a spectacular new space in which visitors can engage with and learn about the fantastic stories of our new journey towards understanding our place in the Universe.

The newly built Discovery Centre will help generate engagement in both the science and the heritage of the famous radio telescope. The centre now has around 180,000 visitors each year which includes 26,000 school visits. As well as regular visits the centre holds regular public engagement events which include music, cinema and art ‘festivals’.

In recognition of its international, historic, and scientific significance, in January 2018 Jodrell Bank was proposed to UNESCO as the UK Government’s next candidate for a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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