City Varieties Music Hall

Children performing at City Varieties Music Hall
Children performing at City Varieties Music Hall

Heritage Grants

Leeds, Yorkshire and The Humber
Leeds City Council
Comedy, dancing and music used to ring out triumphantly at Leeds City Varieties Music Hall, but its auditorium had fallen silent and it was threatened with closure under health and safety grounds. It was at this crucial point that a £2,739,000 grant was awarded to ensure its survival.

But it’s done more than survive, it is now thriving and now has such a reputation that people go out of their way to visit on their way through the city. A restored entrance and auditorium, a glass fronted exterior lift, modern dressing rooms and stage facilities has meant that the Music Hall appeals to performers and audiences alike. With a flourishing Heritage Learning programme, a lively theatre schedule and the involvement of youth groups, Music Hall performances should be singing to the rafters for many generations to come.

Andrew MacGill said: “The Music Hall has been much loved by generation after generation of local people and the restoration was an extremely popular initiative. A nationally significant heritage building has been saved from likely closure on health & safety grounds and one of the very few remaining original music halls in the country is now flourishing again. Of course artists and audiences are even keener to experience the magic of the theatre, thanks to the unswerving support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.”

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