Cardiff Castle - Conservation

The ornate ceiling inside Cardiff Castle

Heritage Grants

Cardiff, Wales
Cardiff County Council
Considered to be Cardiff’s historic heart the Castle is one of the major visitor destinations in Wales and since its extensive restoration visitor numbers have grown from 170,000 per annum to more than a quarter of a million.

The Grade I listed Scheduled Monument was founded by the Romans in 55 CE but the phases of its development continued with the Normans and the Victorians changing its nature from a fort to a castle to a grand house for the Marquesses of Bute whose embellishments created what has been described as a Welsh Camelot. In 1947 the Fifth Marquess gave the Castle to the people of Cardiff.

Today the castle stands as a focal point of civic pride and Welsh culture representing a continuous link with more than 2,000 years of historical development. The restoration not only conserved the exteriors and interiors of the various buildings on the site – including Wales’ most ornate architectural icon, the Cardiff Clock Tower – it also created an interpretation centre that ensures the steadily growing number of visitors can be welcomed and managed in an appropriate manner. It helps to inform and orientate them and has greatly improved disabled access.