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'Our Shared Heritage' - connecting cultures through stories, objects ...

Over the past 13 months, IROKO has been involved in an exciting, stimulating and quite rewarding research project: ‘Our Shared Heritage’ . The project explores African stories, tricksters, gods, goddesses, objects and artefacts and their counterparts mainly in four other cultures – Asian, Aztec,

'Explore, Conserve, Restore - Connecting Communities with Heritage

Hello everyone, We wanted to share the overview for our LSP conference and networking event on the 18th-20th June (attached) and are now taking bookings. Please can you share with your colleagues and network as we’d like to spread the word far and wide! For a small registration fee of £30 you can

Connecting people to natural heritage

Over the last 18 months we’ve been promoting the glorious natural heritage of Yorkshire and the Humber. We want to encourage groups to come forward with project ideas looking at the natural environment through our ‘Yorkshire’s Back Garden’ campaign . We've created a short film to showcase some of