Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership Scheme

A view of Avalon Marshes

Heritage Grants

Bridgwater, Somerset, South West
Somerset Wildlife Trust
The Avalon Marshes in the Brue valley are made up of flat, open landscapes, rivers, fens, nature reserves, and prominent hills.

The Landscape Partnership Scheme in the Avalon Marshes joins together a range of local and national organisations: Somerset Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Natural England, The Hawk and Owl Trust, Somerset County Council, Environment Agency and English Heritage.

The scheme’s plans include building and restoring natural features, such as restoring water levels to maintain grassland habitats and preserving scheduled monuments. Plans also include protecting natural habitats by restoring traditional grazing techniques, developing banks for kingfisher birds, and preserving Pill Boxes as bat and owl roosts.

The scheme aims to encourage people to take an active part in their heritage by providing volunteering opportunities, improving public access to the landscape, and providing regular walks and events. 

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