Outcome: heritage will be in better condition

Outcome: heritage will be in better condition

What this outcome means 

If your project is a success, there will be improvements to the physical state of your heritage. 

These improvements might be the result of repair, renovation or work to prevent further deterioration. For example:

  • mending the roof of a historic building
  • conserving an archive
  • clearing field ditches
  • repairing a ship

Improvements might also result from new work, for example, constructing a new building, or structure, to protect historic ruins, archaeology or vehicles. Or, increasing the size of an existing habitat to benefit priority species. 

The quality of digital heritage might also be improved. For example, through data cleansing or adding metadata to files to improve discoverability. 

What we are looking for 

Professional and heritage specialists will be able to recognise improvements through industry standards. 

Improvements will also be seen by people more generally, for example, by local residents or visitor surveys.