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1.2 Outcomes

1.2 Outcomes

We describe the difference we want to make with our funding through a set of nine outcomes.

Outcomes are changes, impacts or benefits that happen as a direct result of your project.

All of the projects we fund will achieve one or more of these outcomes. The number of outcomes you achieve will depend on what you want to deliver and should be proportionate to the size of grant you are requesting or the specific focus of your project.

We expect projects to achieve some outcomes more strongly than others. Plan to focus on the outcomes that are strongest, as we will monitor your progress against these and you will use them to evaluate the change your project has made. All projects must achieve the ‘wider range of people will be involved in heritage’ outcome as a minimum.

1. A wider range of people will be involved in heritage (mandatory outcome)*

2. Heritage will be in better condition

3. Heritage will be identified and better explained

4. People will have developed skills

5. People will have learnt about heritage, leading to change in ideas and actions

6. People will have greater wellbeing

7. The funded organisation will be more resilient

8. The local area will be a better place to live, work or visit

9. The local economy will be boosted

The outcomes are explained in more detail in our Outcomes publication.

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