Yorkshire and the Humber: delegated decisions February 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF Yorkshire and the Humber on 19 February 2019

Grants for Places of Worship Round 2

Re-slate Nave Roof

A grant of £98,100 (54%) was awarded to renew the roof and rainwater goods, address drainage problems, repair dry rot and install a toilet.  The grant percentage has been reduced to 51% but the grant amount remains at £98,100.

Applicant: St Stephen’s Church, Snainton, Scarborough

Decision: Agree grant percentage change from 54% to 51%

Sharing Heritage

Articulating our Pilot Whale: breathing new life into old bones

A grant of £8,300 (48%) is requested to conserve and display the 1868 skeleton of a Long-finned Pilot Whale and associated educational activities.

Applicant: Leeds Museums and Galleries

Decision: Award grant of £8,300 (48%)

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

A grant of £10,000 (100%) is requested for a project to enable more people to learn about the June 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York, and the impact on the UK LGBT+ rights movement.

Applicant: Doncaster Pride

Decision: Reject

Tadcaster Town Heritage Trail

A grant of £10,000 (48%) is requested to produce a set of information boards, town trail markers, heritage plaques and information leaflets.

Applicant: Tadcaster Town Council

Decision: Reject

Celebrating 100 years of amateur drama from the Huddersfield Thespians

A grant of £7,100 (86%) is requested to undertake activities to celebrate Huddersfield Thespians’ 100th anniversary.

Applicant: Huddersfield Thespians

Decision: Reject

Decades Experience - Back In Time

A grant of £10,000 (100%) is requested to research and undertake activities to share the histories of North East Lincolnshire communities from 1940 - 1970.

Applicant: Climb 4 Limited

Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

Refurbishment of a former Victorian school and creating a butterfly farm

A grant of £10,000 (100%) is requested to restore a former Victorian School, create a Social Enterprise and open a butterfly house on the site.

Applicant: Barfield Educational

Decision: Reject

Postcards from the Edge

A grant of £9,800 (100%) will enable volunteers to support homeless people in exploring and promoting heritage sites on York's outskirts.

Applicant: Good Organisation (Social Ventures) CIC

Decision: Award grant of £9,800 (100%)

Our Heritage

‘Dis Promised Land

A grant of £61,300 (100%) is requested to record the experiences and stories of people from the West Indies who have settled in Leeds.

Applicant: The Leeds West Indian Charitable Trust

Decision: Reject

Streets and their Stories

A grant of £35,800 (90%) is requested for a project to produce a searchable digital collections website, including photographs with descriptive historical text and associated newspaper cuttings, maps and memories of local areas, particularly focusing on Grimsby, Cleethorpes and the  surrounding spaces.

Applicant: Lincs Inspire

Decision: Award grant of £35,800 (90%)

Habitats at Home

A grant of £20,500 (90%) is requested to create natural heritage habitats to increase biodiversity and deliver an education programme.

Applicant: Stockbridge Technology Centre

Decision: Reject

Nun Monkton : From OFF to ON the beaten track

A grant of £39,800 (74%) is sought to explore the history of maypoles and the associated traditions and practices and look at this within the wider context of Nun Monckton’s heritage.

Applicant: Nun Monckton Parish Council

Decision: Reject

Skelmanthorp Flag Project

A grant of £20,900 (100%) will enable Commoners Choir to engage Pennine communities with the heritage of the Peterloo Massacre, the Skelmanthorp Flag and suffrage/anti-slavery movements across the Pennines.

Applicant: Commoners Choir

Decision: Reject

The evolving role of women in Bradford Mosques

A grant of £41,700 (100%) is requested to research and record the oral histories of women who contributed to establishing mosques across Bradford following the Second World War.

Applicant: Muslim Women’s Council

Decision: Reject

The Freddie Frinton Phenomenon - The Life and Work of Freddie Frinton

A grant of £24,700 (86%) is sought for a project to showcase the life of Freddie Frinton and mark the 50th anniversary of this death.  A documentary and exhibition will be produced.

Applicant: Our Big Picture Ltd

Decision: Award grant of £24,700 (86%)

CPRE Archive Project

A grant of £39,100 (88%) is requested for a project which focuses on the urgent need to catalogue, conserve and re-house the Peak District and South Yorkshire Branch of Campaign to Protect Rural England’s archive collection and make it available to the public.

Applicant: CPRE Peak District & South Yorkshire/ Friends of the Peak District

Decision: Award grant of £39,100 (88%)

Young Roots

Place Makers: Future Shapers

A grant of £49,200 (91%) is requested for a project to enable 125 young people to explore the heritage of Clifton Park and the stories of the local area, whilst influencing how the heritage is presented and therefore accessed by a young audience.

Applicant: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Decision: Award grant of £49,200 (91%)

Resilient Heritage

Sheffield Music Showcase

A grant of £4,000 (34%) is requested for the 2019 St Andrews Music festival, focusing on various musical cultures in the region.

Applicant: Delphi Trust

Decision: Reject

Arms and Armour Heritage Trust Capacity Building

A grant of £9,700 (97%) is requested to support the development of fund raising capability.

Applicant: Arms and Armour Heritage Trust

Decision: Reject

First World War

Jack Harrison VC statue campaign

A grant of £9,600 is requested for a project to display the life of Jack Harrison, a First World War hero, in an immersive exhibition in Hull city centre.

Applicant: Jack Harrison VC statue campaign

Decision: Reject