Wales: delegated decisions October 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, Wales, on 31 October 2019

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

St Mary’s is 180

Applicant: St Mary’s Church Pontypridd & Hawthorn High School Intergenerational Partnership

Project description: This is a 9-month project to celebrate the heritage of St Mary’s Church, Pontypridd, within RCT area of focus.

Decision: Award £5,200 (100%)

Llanfair Cross Teaching Apiary and Heritage Meadow

Applicant:  Gwent Beekeepers CIO

Project description:  A 6-month bid commencing in January 2020 to protect the profession of beekeeping and the bee through training, upskilling and educating participants.

Decision: Award £9,900 (100%)

Fork to Fork Learning 

Applicant: Gaer Community Family Learning

Project description: A project learning about where food comes from, learning about growing food, tasting new and freshly grown tastes and creating meals from food we will grow.

Decision: Reject

Saved by Skirts

Applicant: Montgomeryshire Youth Theatre

Project description: A 1-month bid commencing in July 2020 to engage young people through drama activities using two stories/fables at its core.  

Decision: Reject

Legends Redrawn

Applicant: CETMA (Community Engagement, Technology, Media & Arts)

Project description:  A project looking at bringing tales from Carmarthenshire's ancient myths and fables into the 21st century by recreating them in a comic book form via the style of DC Comics or Marvel.

Decision: Reject

St Martin’s External Repairs Phase 1

Applicant: Benefice of Eglwysilan and Caerphilly

Project description: Repairs to the Grade II Listed building.

Decision: Reject