Wales: committee meeting minutes September 2020

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee for Wales held virtually on Thursday 10 September 2020 at 9.30am.


  • Baroness Kay Andrews (Chair)
  • James Davies
  • David Robinson
  • Malcolm Smith
  • Sally Edwards
  • Shaheen Sutton
  • Abigail Tweed
  • Jasmine Donahaye

Committee Business

1. Welcome 


Kay Andrews, Chair, welcomed everyone to the second meeting of the year for the Committee for Wales.  

2. Minutes of the meeting on 11 June 2020 

CW 20/21 (2) 2
The minutes were approved and signed as a true record of the meeting.

3. Chair's Report                                             


The chair noted that 2020 had been an extraordinary year; the arrival of coronavirus in our communities created unprecedented challenges. The chair thanked the Wales team and the members for all the vital work that they were doing to support the heritage sector through uncertain times, and endorsed the Board of Trustees recognition of the challenge of maintaining relationships, whilst ensuring staff were both optimistic and resilient.

The chair welcomed the new business in Wales through the Welsh Government Environmental Growth Fund, noting that the organisation was seen to be competent, fair and trusted to handle politically sensitive funding.   

4. Corporate Update 

CW 20/21 (2) 4

Eilish McGuiness presented an update on corporate activity. 

5. Country Director's Report 

CW 20/21 (2) 5

The Director for Wales presented an update on activities in Wales.

6. Country Grant Budget Paper 2020-21                           

CW 20/21 (2) 6                                                                                       

The Head of Investment Wales presented the budget paper.  There were no funding decisions for the September Committee for Wales.

7. Welsh Environmental Growth Fund Report                      

CW 20/21 (2) 7

The Committee received an update on capital environmental growth funding to the heritage and community sector in Wales.

8. Any other business                                         


15 Minutes of Heritage

The Committee were provided with an update on the discussions between the Fund and Cadw to distribute £300,000 of Cultural Recovery Funding to small scale projects.  

Launching mid-September, the 15 Minutes of Heritage scheme would be open to a wide range of heritage organisations, with one application deadline for mid-October.  Projects would need to be delivered within four months (31 March 2021).

The next meeting would be held on 3 December 2020.