Wales Committee meeting minutes June 2020

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee for Wales held virtually on Thursday 11 June 2020 at 9.30am.


  • Baroness Kay Andrews (Chair)
  • James Davies
  • David Robinson
  • Malcolm Smith
  • Sally Edwards

Committee Business

1. Welcome


The Chair welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the year for the Committee for Wales

2. Minutes of the meeting on 4 March 2020

CW 20/21 (1) 2

The minutes were approved and signed as a true record of the meeting.

3. Chair's Report


The chair noted that from March 2020 the world was faced with dramatic change. A number of areas in Wales had already suffered with severe flooding that presented environmental and landscape challenges. 

In March 2020, the organisation set up an immediate response to support the sector through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, providing £50million of grant funding through the Heritage Emergency Fund.

The chair paid a personal thanks to the commitment of the Wales Team.

Moving forward, the chair was pleased to confirm the appointment of three new Committee Members for Wales:

  • Abigail Tweed
  • Shaheen Sutton
  • Jasmine Donahaye

4. Corporate Update

CW 20/21 (1) 4

Eilish McGuiness presented an update on corporate activity

5. Wider Strategic Discussion – risks and opportunities post crisis    

CW 20/21 (1) 5

Members took part in a wider strategic discussion relating to risks and opportunities following the crisis.

6. Country Directors Report

CW 20/21 (1) 6

The Head of Investment Wales presented an update on activities in Wales.

7. Country Grant Budget Paper 2020-21

CW 20/21 (1)

The Head of Investment Wales presented the budget paper.  There were no funding decisions for the June Committee for Wales.

8. Welsh Government New Business


The Committee received an update on capital environmental growth funding to the heritage and community sector in Wales.

Papers for Information

9. Parks for People Committee Overview

CW 20/21 (1) 9

The Head of Investment Wales presented an overview of the Parks for People programme.

10. Wales Annual Report 2019/2020

CW 20/21 (1) 10

The annual report provided an overview of the activities and priorities of the National Lottery Heritage Fund in Wales during the last financial year.

11. Any other business


National Lottery Heritage Fund Business

The Fund remain committed to support the people and organisations across the heritage sector. Where a commitment to funding had been secured, the Fund would continue to work with organisations to support and provide flexibility with reporting, payments and changes to the project.

The Fund halted all new committee-level grants and single-stage delegated grants until at least October 2020.

The Digital Confidence Fund

The Digital Confidence grant programme helped organisations explore different digital technologies and build confidence about where to invest in terms of skills and technology.

Three organisations in Wales were awarded £10,000 funding:

  • Green Valley Wellbeing Group
  • Neath Antiquarian Society
  • Cynon Valley History Society

The next meeting would be held on 10 September 2020.