Wales: Committee decisions March 2020

Minutes of the meeting of the National Lottery Heritage Fund Committee for Wales held in the Cardiff office on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at 9.30am.

CW 20/21 (1) 2


  • Baroness Kay Andrews (Chair)
  • Nigel Clubb
  • James Davies
  • Megan de Silva
  • David Robinson
  • Malcolm Smith
  • Sally Edwards

Committee Business


1. Chair's Report


Kay Andrews, Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Minutes of the meeting on 27 November 2019

CW 19/20 (4) 2

The minutes were approved and signed as a true record of the meeting.

3. Declarations of Interest


No conflicts of interest were declared.

4. Corporate Update

CW 19/20 (4) 4

Eilish McGuiness presented an update on corporate activity

5. Country Directors Report

CW 19/20 (4) 5

The Head of Investment Wales presented an update on activities in Wales.

6. Welsh Government New Business


The Committee received an update on capital environmental growth funding to the heritage and community sector in Wales.

7. Country Grant Budget Paper 2019-20

CW 19/20 (4) 7                                                                      

One second round grant was presented for decision under the previous Strategic Framework totalling £4,147,200. One development round application was presented for decision under the new Strategic Funding Framework totalling £349,900 with a further two SFF Single Stage cases totalling £345,400.

8. SF4 Round 2 and SFF applications Overview Paper

CW 19/20 (4) 8

The overview report provided context for SF4 Round Two project applications to aid discussion and prioritisation.


SF4 second round applications for discussion and decision


9. Stori Bymbo: A 300 Million Year Journey: HG-17-01715

CW 19/20 (4) 9

Grantee: Brymbo Heritage Group

Request: Award Grant of £4,147,200 (63%)

Project: A five-year project forming the first stage of a wider master plan for the Brymbo Ironworks site, the industrial remains of an iron smelting site and fossil forest, to enhance its visitor potential. Focused on the historic core of the site, the project will restore the structures and buildings at risk, creating new facilities for the local community and opportunities for visitors to learn about Brymbo’s heritage.

The Board of Trustees awarded a first round pass of £4,986,800 including a development grant of £839,600 (77% of eligible development costs) in September 2017.

The Committee for Wales AWARDED a Grant of £4,147,200 (63%).

SFF development applications for discussion and decision


10. Capel y Groes – Cilycwm Community Hall: OL-19-05026

CW 19/20 (4) 10

Grantee: Menter Cilycwm

Request: Development Grant of £45,000 (72% of total eligible development costs) and potential delivery grant of £304,900

Project: To restore and transform the Grade II listed Capel y Groes into a multi-purpose community facility. The original chapel building would be repaired and restored with an extension including toilets and a community kitchen.

The Committee for Wales REJECTED the application.


SFF applications for discussion and decision


11. SFF Single Stage £100k to £250k overview paper

CW 19/20 (4) 11

The overview report provided context for SFF Single Stage applications to aid discussion and prioritisation.

Neath Port Talbot B-Lines – Connecting Habitats for Pollinators and People: OM-19-04628

Grantee: Buglife – the Invertebrate Conservation Trust

Request: Grant of £158,700 (93%)

Project: A three-year project that conserved and restored wildflower habitats, safeguarding pollinating insects.  A range of activities delivered to local communities, provided opportunities to create a lasting legacy and produce the habitat management work programme.

The Committee AWARDED a Grant of £158,700 (93%).

Building Resilience: Safeguarding our Ecclesiastical Heritage: OM-19-05051

Grantee: Archdiocese of Cardiff

Request: Grant of £186,700 (56%)

Project: The first phase of a wider scheme that explored income streams, provided opportunities for increased skills and a volunteer base with local communities. With improved resilience from shared resources.

The Committee AWARDED a Grant of  £186,700 (56%).

Papers for information


12. Communications Report

CW 19/20 (4) 12

The Committee noted the report.

13. Any other business


There was none.


The next meeting would be held on 11 June 2020.