Trees Call to Action Fund decisions, March 2022

Trees Call to Action Fund decisions, March 2022

Schedule of Decisions from the Board of Trustees Decision Panel meeting on 18 March 2022.

The Trees Call to Action Fund (TCAF) will support the development of new and existing projects and partnerships, helping to deliver the England Trees Action Plan. This is part of the Nature for Climate Fund, which the government has created to treble tree planting rates in England by 2025.

Twelve heritage organisations in England received grants totalling £5,773,533. See the decisions below.

Schedule of decisions

Training and certifying professionals in AoVT management.

Applicant: Ancient Tree Forum

Decision: Award grant of £367,770 (86%)

Severn Treescapes: Wye to Wyre, connecting nature and people

Applicant: Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £498,903 (87%)

Delivering the London Urban Forest Plan

Applicant: Greater London Authority

Decision: Award grant of £499,844 (83%)

Heart of England: growing momentum, capacity, skills and trees

Applicant: Heart of England Forest

Decision: Award grant of £499,446 (68%)

Critical Forestry Skills and Leadership Training

Applicant: Institute of Chartered Foresters

Decision: Award grant of £452,235 (95%)

Woodland Futures Cumbria

Applicant: Lake District Foundation

Decision: Award grant of £499,800 (78%)

Heart of the Pennines Forest

Applicant: North Pennines AONB Partnership

Decision: Award grant of £499,100 (88%)

South Yorkshire Woodland Creation Partnership

Applicant: Sheffield Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £469,000 (90%)

Green Connections, building capacity for community tree-planting outside woodlands

Applicant: The Tree Council

Decision: Award grant of 499,500 (67%)

Urban Forest Accelerator Pilot Project

Applicant: National Trust

Decision: Award grant £500,000 (91%)

Protect-Improve-Expand-Sustain (PIES)

Applicant: Sylva Foundation

Decision: Award grant £499,541 (90%)

NHS Forest - Green Space for Health

Applicant: The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Ltd

Decision: Award grant £488,394 (85%)