Scotland: delegated decisions September 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Director for Scotland, on 2 October 2019.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Day of Access

Applicant: Lapidus Scotland

Project description: This 12-month project will provide access solutions to enable disabled participants to gain experience of walking routes in rural and urban landscapes that would otherwise be inaccessible. A range of workshops and tours will be held and digital resources will be made accessible to inspire future activity.

Decision: Award grant of £9,800 (81%)

Lanarkshire Heritage Conservation Programme

Applicant: Clydesdale Community Initiatives

Project description: This inclusive project will engage young people, people with physical disabilities and mental health issues. It will engage with 60 volunteers and focus on six local heritage sites that will benefit from the conservation work.

Decision: Award grant of £40,000 (60%)

Afristyle Dance Club

Applicant: Afristyle Dance Club

Project description: The applicant is a new dance club which is looking for funding to purchase equipment. The club aims to engage with 9-16 year olds through the school term, connecting to heritage through dance and drama.

Decision: Reject

Preserving our Memories for Tomorrow 

Applicant: Forres Heritage Trust

Project description: This 11-month community project will focus on the digitisation of an archive collection in Forres, Moray. The contents of the collection includes historic photographs, rolls of microfiche, local newspapers and an assortment of documents of local interest.

Decision: Reject

Whitburn Band 150th Anniversary

Applicant: Whitburn Band

Project description: This project will focus on the heritage of the locally significant Whitburn Band on the 150th anniversary of its establishment.

Decision: Award grant of £6,900 (70%)

Scotland: The Big Picture

Applicant: Wild Media Foundation

Project description: The Wild Media Foundation aims to support the Scotland: The Big Picture project through the recruitment of an Education Outreach Officer who will deliver workshops and outdoor learning activities aimed primarily at residential care homes and P4-P7 pupils across Scotland.

Decision: Reject

Revealing Clydesdale's Heritage

Applicant: Lanark and District Archaeological Society

Project description: This project will replace the Lanark and Districts Archaeological Society's dated technology to enable them to engage more effectively with a wider range and number of people.

Decision: Reject

Kirkie Comic

Applicant: Kirknewton Community Development Trust

Project description: This intergenerational project will give the local community of Kirknewton the opportunity to work together to capture the history of the village over the last 50 years and present it in a comic book.

Decision: Award grant of £39,300 (100%) 

An t-Òban- The People and The Place

Applicant: Oban Communities Trust

Project description: Oban Community Trust aims to create permanent heritage displays within The Rockfield Centre which is currently undergoing major works.

Decision: Award grant of £74,600 (91%)

Project Water Bear – Building Resilience in Core Operations

Applicant: Scottish Wildlife Trust

Project description: This project aims to improve the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s internal processes to ensure a more efficient operation, increasing resource for delivering nature conservation, biodiversity data collection and public engagement.

Decision: Award grant of £99,700 (45%)

Community Archaeology Dig at Double Dykes

Applicant: Stonehouse Heritage Group

Project description: This project will deliver a community archaeological excavation of the Double Dykes Fort site in Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire. The dig will be supervised by professional archaeologists and will last for 10 days.

Decision: Reject