Scotland: delegated decisions May 2019

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Researching and Interpreting a Souterrain at Knockaird, Isle of Lewis

Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar will undertake post-excavation research of finds recovered from a souterrain (underground storage chamber), alongside a programme of public engagement.

Applicant: Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar

Decision: Award Grant of £8,600 (36%)

Hibernian Women's Football Club 1999-2019

The project will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Hibernian Women's Football Team by providing a series of community base outreach and educational events.

Applicant: Hibernian Community Foundation

Decision: Reject

Touching stitches: embroidery access for the blind

This project will focus on the University of Edinburgh's 17th-20th century embroidery collection, developing tools and activities to increase accessibility for the blind and visually impaired.

Applicant: University of Edinburgh

Decision: Award Grant of £8,400 (100%)

Website upgrade to engage and inform the wider natural heritage community

This project aims to redesign and relaunch the Scottish Environment LINK website. LINK’s current website consists of two elements, a public site and a private site for link members. A new website which better defines LINK and its activities is proposed.

Applicant: Scottish Environment LINK

Decision: Reject

Bail' Ach' an Droighinn/Auchindrain Township: Planning for the Future

This application from Auchindrain Trust seeks to achieve a sustainable business model for the A-Listed township of Auchindrain.

Applicant: Urras Achadh an Droighinn/the Auchindrain Trust

Decision: Reject

Dam rebuilding

See Think Make CIC will work in partnership with SCRAN and the Learning and Inclusion Team at Historic Environment Scotland to deliver a research and photography project for up to 12 young people (11-21 years old) focusing on the city of Edinburgh. 

Applicant: See Think Make CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £9,400 (100%)

Largo Pier Restoration - Engineer's Report and Repairs Budget

This three month project will enable Largo Communities Together (LCT) to determine the current condition of Largo pier through commissioning a condition report. It is intended that this report would inform the future repairs of the pier and potential community engagement.

Applicant: Largo Communities Together

Decision: Reject

Saving the Northern Brown Argus in the Scottish Borders

This project will survey and monitor the population of the Northern Brown Argus in the Scottish Borders. Following surveys, the project will undertake improvements on five priority habitat sites and highlight the threat caused by the loss of species-rich grassland in the Scottish Borders.

Applicant: Butterfly Conservation

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (92%)

Forth Invasive Non-Native Species Project

This project seeks to continue efforts to control invasive non-native species along the River Forth.

Applicant: Forth Rivers Trust

Decision: Reject

Promoting History and Heritage of Religions in Scotland among South Asian women and their Families

This project will engage 100 South Asian women with the heritage of religions in Scotland through research, visiting museums/archives and the creation of an exhibition (primarily in Edinburgh).

Applicant: Networking Key Services Limited

Decision: Award Grant of £66,500 (96%)

Our Natural Heritage Project

Backbone CIC will enable physical and intellectual access to natural heritage to refugees, asylum seekers and MECC groups in the north of Scotland. A target of 400 individuals with differing backgrounds will obtain at least the discovery level of the John Muir Award.

Applicant: Backbone Celebrating Diversity Through Adventure CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £49,200 (52%)

Naturehood - Connecting people and natural history in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

This project aims to work in seven communities across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to re-connect communities with urban wildlife by creating ‘Naturehoods’. Participants will register their greenspaces as ‘Naturespaces’ and will improve habitats for key species.

Applicant: Conservation Education & Research Trust

Decision: Reject