Scotland: delegated decisions March 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF Scotland on 25 March 2019.

Our Heritage

Kirkie Comic

This project aims to engage local primary school pupils and members of the community in a research-based project to create a ‘Kirkie Comic’ telling the story of the village over the last fifty years.

  • Applicant: Kirknewton Community Development Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Almondell Historic Wall Project - inspiring heritage through restoration, interpretation and orchard planting.

This project aims to deliver a varied programme of events, activities and skills training to engage with communities in West Lothian to learn about the heritage of Almondell.

  • Applicant: West Lothian Council and the 'Friends of Almondell'
  • Decision: Award Grant of £70,900 (58%)

Understanding Our Place in Time: Women at Risk of Offending Discovering Their Place in Heritage

This project aims to use community heritage, culture and memories to form the foundation of a personal development programme for people who are potentially least likely to engage with heritage.

  • Applicant: Venture Trust
  • Decision: Award Grant of £80,400 (100%)

West Lothian B-Lines

This project seeks to transform 7 areas of Council owned, intensively managed amenity grassland into species-rich grassland, to improve their biodiversity and ecosystems value whilst providing training and skills to the local community.

  • Applicant: Buglife Scotland
  • Decision: Award Grant of £40,600 (76%)

Hands on History

This project aims to engage the local community in discovering and learning about the heritage of Clydesdale.

  • Applicant: Lanark and District Archaeological Society
  • Decision: Reject

Conservation repair of Tarbolton Parish Church

This project will deliver urgent and necessary repairs to the building fabric including the restoration of external stonework, conservation repair of windows, and repairs to ceiling plaster and lighting.

  • Applicant: Tarbolton Parish Church
  • Decision: Reject

Re-harling of historic church building to preserve heritage

This capital project will see urgent repairs carried out to the B-listed Berriedale church in Caithness.

  • Applicant: Berriedale Church & Cemetery Association
  • Decision: Reject

St Andrew's First Aid Heritage Project

The project aims to curate, digitise, stabilise and promote an archive illustrating the organisation’s history since 1882.

  • Applicant: St Andrew's First Aid
  • Decision: Reject

Sutherland Longhouse Project

The project will seek to investigate the lifestyle and culture of the people who made their living from the land in pre-clearance Dornoch and share this with a wide range of people.

  • Applicant: Historylinks Museum
  • Decision: Award Grant of £15,400 (100%)

Coplawhill: A history of place and people

This intergenerational heritage project will investigate Coplawhill’s history of people and place over the past two centuries.

  • Applicant: Southside Stories
  • Decision: Reject

The People's Parish

This pilot community heritage based project aims to enable people in every locality in Scotland to connect and thrive through understanding and connecting with their heritage.

  • Applicant: TRACS (Traditional Arts And Culture Scotland
  • Decision: Reject

Kinning Park - Past, Present and Future

This project will seek to better identify, record and explain the social heritage of the Kinning Park Complex, a community centre in Glasgow.

  • Applicant: Kinning Park Complex CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Endrick Water Legacy Project

The Endrick Water Legacy Project is a proposal to improve the in-stream and riparian bank zone environment of the Endrick Water, so as to increase fish populations and enhance the social amenity of this area.

  • Applicant: Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Making Lasting Impressions: Greyfriars Kirkyard Community Learning and Interpretation Project

The project will work with young people (8-26 years) and lifelong learners to co-create interpretation and educational resources so more people can learn about Greyfriars Kirkyard.

  • Applicant: Edinburgh World Heritage
  • Decision: Reject

Child's Play: An intergenerational project preserving the history of wartime and post-war childhood in Scotland

Child's Play, an intergenerational project, will see young people collect unheard personal stories of wartime and post-war childhood from community elders.

  • Applicant: Oak Note SCIO
  • Decision: Reject

Young Roots

Clock Lodge Vibes

This project aims to engage young people with the heritage of the B-listed Clock Lodge in Lochgilphead.

  • Applicant: Templar Arts and Leisure Centre
  • Decision: Award Grant of £11,400 (85%)

Building Our Future

The project aims to engage approximately 50 young people through four cohorts with the natural heritage of the Falkland Estate and developing traditional building skills.

  • Applicant: Falkland Stewardship Trust
  • Decision: Award Grant of £40,600 (71%)

Our History 2

Fuse Youth Café seek support to enable 40+ young people and 500+ community members to learn more about the history and heritage of Shettleston, a multiple deprived area east of Glasgow.

  • Applicant: Fuse Youth Cafe
  • Decision: Award Grant of £43,800 (100%)

Sharing Heritage

Developing new and existing connections with the wider community through the sharing of local heritage

The project focuses on members of the Sensory Garden Club (a group of S1-S4 pupils) researching and collating information about the historic town of Uddingston, Uddingston Grammar School and its former pupils.

  • Applicant: Uddingston Grammar - Sensory Garden Project
  • Decision: Award Grant of £5,600 (100%)

Sharing the Tomintoul Coat

This project will create a replica of an 18th-century exciseman’s coat along with additional costume replicas, which will be put on display in the Tomintoul Discovery Centre.

  • Applicant: Tomintoul & Glenlivet Development Trust
  • Decision: Award Grant of £7,500 (100%)

Orkney Energy Landscapes - exploring the past, present and future of energy production

This project is a pilot for creating an energy heritage trail in Orkney. This project will explore three energy themes: Peat, Oil and Uranium, Wind and Wave.

  • Applicant: Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology
  • Decision: Reject

Dundee International Women's Centre's 50th Anniversary

2019 is the 50th anniversary of Dundee International Women's Centre and to celebrate the project will explore, record and share the history of the Centre within the context of immigration to Dundee.

  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,700 (100%)
  • Applicant: Dundee International Women's Centre

TCV: Mills, Hills and Heritage

The project concerns the restoration (creating a path, steps and a viewing platform) and interpretation of a neglected mill race at Alva Glen. The work would be carried out primarily by volunteers.

  • Applicant: TCV Scotland
  • Decision: Reject

Mary Queen of Scot's Investigators

This project will work with 200 young people in six schools, three in West Dunbartonshire and three in Glasgow, to research Mary, Queen of Scots in the context of their local area.

  • Applicant: conFAB
  • Decision: Reject

Resilient Heritage

Preparing to celebrate 200 years for HMS Unicorn

The Unicorn Preservation Society seeks to establish the necessary resources and training for the Society to become more sustainable in the future.

  • Applicant: The Unicorn Preservation Society
  • Decision: Award Grant of £28,900 (95%)

A New Era for Shetland's Heritage

This project aims to build the capacity of the Shetland Amenity Trust (SAT) at a critical period in its evolution. The need for capacity building has been demonstrated following a historic underinvestment in training.

  • Applicant: Shetland Amenity Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Cashel a Forest for 1000 years – Future Foundations (Understanding recreation, conservation and training opportunities)

The project seeks to secure funding to support the long term protection, promotion and enjoyment of the natural and cultural heritage assets within our unique woodland site.

  • Applicant: RSFS Forest Trust Company
  • Decision: Reject

Save Bon Accord Baths

Bon Accord Heritage seeks to restore and re-open the Bon Accord Baths to operate as a swimming pool with other complementary facilities and services.

  • Applicant: Bon Accord Heritage SCIO
  • Decision: Reject

A Seoladh Air Adhart (Sailing forwards/making progress)

This project aims to build the capacity of the volunteer-run Falmadair in North Lewis, an organisation responsible for a number of traditional Ness Skiffs.

  • Applicant: Falmadair
  • Decision: Reject

Fife Historic Buildings Trust: a route-map for the future

Fife Historic Buildings Trust aim to undertake a business review to enable the growth and diversification of income streams.

  • Applicant: Fife Historic Buildings Trust
  • Decision: Award Grant of £59,500 (92%)

Celebrating Scotland's Maritime History

Clyde Atlantic Trust is requesting a Resilient Heritage grant to undertake a feasibility study to explore options for creating a Maritime Museum in Inverclyde.

  • Applicant: Clyde Atlantic Trust
  • Decision: Reject

First World War

Scottish Women's Hosptial - Pioneers in surgery and science

The project will engage a group of volunteers in the heritage of the Scottish Women's hospital, whilst enabling them to learn new skills. 

  • Applicant: Surgeons' Hall Museums
  • Decision: Award Grant of £4,100 (91%)

Helensburgh War Memorial Families Project

The project will engage the local community in researching and documenting the personal lives and military service, of local men who died in WW1, through the creation of a book, leaflet and website.

  • Applicant: Friends of Hermitage Park Association
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

How WW1 has shaped the community of Kinloch

The project will engage volunteers through local archives and oral tradition to create case studies of the impacts of WW1 on the local community.

  • Applicant: Kinloch Historical Society
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (88%)