Scotland: delegated decisions February 2020

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Director for Scotland at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 26 January 2020.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

WWII: Childhood Experiences of War and Peace

Applicant: Communities Past & Futures Society

Project description: This intergenerational oral history project will capture the experiences of those who were children during the Second World War. Volunteers and young people will receive oral history training and interviews will be shared through a range of events, creation of digital material, a booklet and a website.

Decision: Award grant of £54,800 (95%)

100 Portraits: A living archive of learning disability today

Applicant: Project Ability

Project description: The project will focus on the history of changing attitudes towards learning disabled people in Scotland. The work will be exhibited at Project Ability's gallery in the centre of Glasgow with a digital archive made available for screening at learning disability conferences and events.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (99%)

Looking for Medieval Morebattle

Applicant: Kalewater Community Company

Project description: This project focuses on the medieval history of Morebattle. It involves the archaeological excavation of recently acquired community land.

Decision: Reject

Common Good Comics

Applicant: Magic Torch Comics CIC

Project description: This partnership project delivered by Magic Torch Comics and Glasgow Caledonian University aims to explore the heritage of social enterprises in Scotland.

Decision: Award grant of £76,300 (96%)

Knoydart Rhododendron Challenge

Applicant: Knoydart Forest Trust

Project description: Over 13 months, the Knoydart Forest Trust will engage with the local community of Knoydart to deliver citizen science activities and deliver a programme of works to eradicate invasive Rhododendron ponticum. Workshops will be delivered as well as the development of a recording system, website and interpretation in the main village.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

The Kilmarnock Picture House

Applicant: The Kilmarnock Picture House

Project description: This 11-month project delivered by the Kilmarnock Picture House focuses on the social and industrial history of Kilmarnock, a town which has undergone widespread changes due to the closure of major industry.

Decision: Reject

A community history of HIV in Scotland

Applicant: Waverley Care

Project description: Over two years charity Waverley Care, in partnership with the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare, will deliver a project focusing on the history of HIV/AIDS in Scotland from the 1980s to the present day.

Decision: Award grant of £91,800 (92%)

Digital Transformation: Heritage, Climate Change, Space, Colonialism and Technology

Applicant: Timespan

Project description: Redevelopment of the museum space within Helmsdale Heritage & Arts Societies space, known as Timespan, and refocusing of interpretation on digital elements. The applicant aims to provide an innovative experience which will refocus local heritage through the lens of national and international issues including climate change and colonialism.

Decision: Reject

Let's get weaving

Applicant: Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology

Project description: This project will develop an exhibition around an Iron Age textile fragment. It will be co-created with the local community at The Scottish Crannog Centre. Proposals include textile workshops and a series of pop-up and themed events.

Decision: Reject

Faifley Rocks!

Applicant: Knowes Housing Association Limited

Project description: This project will raise awareness of a local Scheduled Ancient Monument through a series of activities and the installation of permanent interpretation.

Decision: Reject

My Grantown – The Grantown Society Community Digital Archive

Applicant: The Grantown Society

Project description: This one-year project will enable the Grantown Society to catalogue, digitise and share its collection of material (including glass negatives, photographs, transcripts and minutes) relating to the heritage of the town and surrounding area.

Decision: Reject

The Story of Mary Brand

Applicant: Positive Scotland

Project description: Positive Scotland will carry out a project focusing on Mary Brand (born 1827). This pioneering Stirling-born woman moved to Australia and became a pioneer female entrepreneur in Moree, New South Wales.

Decision: Award grant of £9,400 (100%)

Edinburgh Printmakers – A New Model

Applicant: Edinburgh Printmakers

Project description: This project aims to establish a sustainable future for Edinburgh Printmakers through an organisational re-structure, increased revenue streams and by diversification of their public offer.

Decision: Award grant of £96,800 (59%)

Black Bull Close – Fruition

Applicant: The Ridge (Scotland)

Project description: This project will restore the derelict B-listed buildings at Black Bull Close in Dunbar to create a centre for The Ridge.

Decision: Reject

Cairnlea 2020

Applicant: Cairnlea Church Airdrie

Project description: This project will make improvements to the B-listed Cairnlea Church in Airdrie to make it more accessible for wider community use.

Decision: Reject

Cultybraggan Heritage Self-catering

Applicant: Comrie Development Trust

Project description: This project will focus on the internationally important Cultybraggan prisoner of war camp. The project seeks to restore 10 B-listed Second World War Nissen huts at risk of being lost, for use as self-catering accommodation.

Decision: Approve percentage grant increase on delivery grant award (£638,900) from 65% to 70% and payment percentage change from 74% to 80%.