Scotland: delegated decisions February 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF Scotland on 5 February 2019


Grants for Places of Worship – 2nd Round

Repair of church roof and stonework, re-slating, new church lighting, new vestry heating and WC

The project will undertake urgent repairs primarily to the roof, stonework and rainwater goods, to make the church building structurally sound and weather tight. New work will improve lighting, also heating improvements, toilet and baby changing provision in the vestry area is included.

Applicant: St Saviour's Episcopal Church, Stirling

Decision: Approve Grant of £92,500 (24%)

Restoring the church, improving the interior keeping with tradition, increasing use by the community

The project will undertake essential external and internal repairs to make Carstairs Church structurally sound and watertight.  The work will improve access to the building and provide an accessible toilet.

Applicant: Carstairs Parish Church

Decision: Approve Grant of £44,200 (16%)


Our Heritage

The Shale Trail

This project focuses on oil shale heritage in West Lothian, with the aim of creating a 16 mile heritage trail connecting key shale locations and features. The trail will interpret oil shale heritage through local social, cultural, and ecological history.

Applicant: Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £99,800(32%)

Power to our people: industrial heritage conservation, skills and knowledge

Through this project, Industrial Museums Scotland will deliver a collections conservation and skills development project for IMS staff and the general heritage sector.

Applicant: Industrial Museums Scotland

Decision: Reject

Perth & Kinross Remembers

The project will collect, conserve, catalogue and make accessible the wide variety of outcomes from First World War [FWW] projects which have taken place in Perth and Kinross over the recent Great War memorialisation period.

Applicant: Culture Perth and Kinross

Decision: Award Grant of £32,500 (84%)

Local History Exhibition at Lugar Parish Church

This project will create a local history exhibition and café within the C listed church, remedy dry rot and upgrade heating and lighting.


Decision: Reject

South Asian Women Exploring Religious History and Heritage in Scotland

This project will engage 100 women from Edinburgh’s South Asian Community with the heritage of religions in Edinburgh through research, visiting museums and archives and the creation of an exhibition.

Applicant: Nari Kallyan Shangho

Decision: Reject

Helping Hands for Butterflies

Through this project, Butterfly Conservation will deliver butterfly recording, training and habitat conservation and maintenance with 300 volunteers to help reverse decline.

Applicant: Butterfly Conservation

Decision: Reject

Mills Observatory Restoration

The project will see the restoration of the dome to full working order, ensuring that the observatory has a sustainable future and is able to continue to engage people with their heritage (the observatory being housed in a purpose built - 1935 - Grade B Listed Building) and science.

Applicant: Dundee City Council City Development

Decision: Reject

Abertay 25: Dundee’s Changemakers – Our contribution to Technology and Industry

This project uncovers stories of industrial and technological advancement from Abertay University’s 130 years as an educational institution.

Applicant: Abertay University

Decision: Award Grant of £76,400 (62%)

The Killearn Heritage Trail

This project will explore, share and record the heritage of Killearn through an archaeological evaluation, the production of a heritage trail and an array of community events, all of which will be supported by research into the local area's history.

Applicant: Killearn Community Futures Company

Decision: Award Grant of £23,000 (87%)

memories of everyday of life through objects of south Asian migrants

The project will investigate the experiences of South Asian migrants to Scotland, seeking to record memories of their life in South Asia, their migration to Scotland, and any cultural differences they have felt.

Applicant: Awaz - The Voice of the Community

Decision: Reject

"The generous sweep of the cow's tongue": exploring the impact of cattle on the shieling

This project will explore the impact of cattle grazing on shieling landscapes at the Allt Mòraig shieling site.

Applicant: The Shieling Project Community Interest Company

Decision: Reject

The Big Dig 2019

The project will conduct an archaeological dig of Paisley Abbey's drain, alongside a programme of public engagement.

Applicant: Renfrewshire Council

Decision: Award Grant of £53,900 (72%)

Maintaining the Heritage of the Coal Industry of Ayrshire through theatre, community engagement and storytelling

This project will explore the heritage of coal mining in Ayrshire through the delivery of workshops, storytelling and an interactive theatre production.

Applicant: In Motion Theatre Company

Decision: Reject

Recollections of West Princes Street Gardens: a space for all in the heart of Edinburgh

The project will focus on the stories and memories of the gardens' users and visitors, and will interface with the community through the restoration and repurposing of a listed shelter building in the gardens which will become a hub for heritage and community engagement.

Applicant: The Ross Development Trust

Decision: Reject

Isle of Arran Arts Heritage Trail

This project will establish an arts heritage trail on Arran to share the heritage of artists associated with the island. This will include the installation of interpretation and physical place markers across the Island and a dedicated website.

Applicant: Arran Theatre & Arts Trust Ltd

Decision: Reject

WWII Arctic Convoys to Russia: Blazing a Wartime Trail Round Loch Ewe

This project aims to work with the communities around Loch Ewe to record and display their local WWII history, specifically the history of the Arctic Convoys based there.

Applicant: Russian Arctic Convoy Project

Decision: Award Grant of £46,300 (76%)

‘Sandend - Memories of Sanine’

This project will capture the history and memories of Sandend, Banff, known locally as ‘Sanine’, since before WWII, when the village was dominated by fishing, a distillery, and early tourism.

Applicant: Sandend Heritage Group

Decision: Reject

Celebrating Scotland's Scientific History

This project aims to allow participants to engage with the heritage of Scotland’s contributions to science and scientific discoveries. Four exhibitions created as part of a previous HLF funded project in 2017 will be revitalised and displayed in police boxes based at The Pleasance, Edinburgh.

Applicant: Edinburgh International Science Festival

Decision: Reject


Young Roots

The Greenhouse

This project focuses on natural heritage across the UK and will deliver a programme of performances and workshops at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Applicant: BoxedIn Theatre

Decision: Reject


Sharing Heritage

Royal Burgh of Linlithgow Civic Insignia Project

Linlithgow Burgh Trust will erect two statues depicting the town's civic insignia, the "Black Bitch" and "St Michael and the Serpent/Dragon" and explore their heritage.

Applicant: Linlithgow Burgh Trust - Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow

Decision: Reject

Orkney Yole book

Orkney Yole Association will create a book recording the history and development of Orkney Yole boats, including oral history memories of their use.

Applicant: Orkney Yole Association

Decision: Reject

Top Skipper's Choice: The Story of Campbeltown Shipyard

This project will engage local people through drop-in archiving sessions, workshops with local schools, and site visits. Volunteers will research the shipyard and contribute their stories and memorabilia.

Applicant: South Kintyre Development Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)

"Hands On Our Heritage: Pop-Up Museum and Interpretation Space at the Knowe of Swandro, Rousay."

This project will enhance interpretation at the Knowe of Swandro excavations on Rousay, Orkney, through the creation of a pop-up museum space in a modified box trailer.

Applicant: Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust

Decision: Reject

"Celebrating the centenary of Jordanhill School with the community, city and nation"

The project aims to celebrate the Jordanhill School centenary year in 2020, through a programme of events including creating a short film and conducting tours.

Applicant: Jordanhill School Educational Amenities Trust Fund

Decision: Reject

Southside Schools Digging into Nature

This project aims to embed learning about our natural heritage through outdoor learning experiences into schools.

Applicant: Urban Roots Initiative

Decision: Award Grant of £7,600 (28%)

The Story of Wanlockhead: Community Voices Through Photography

The project will employ a method known as ‘photovoice’, as means of drawing out people’s perceptions of their heritage, exploring how heritage defines the character of the place and linking physical heritage to associated memories, experiences, stories and social histories.

Applicant: York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research Ltd

Decision: Reject


Resilient Heritage

Resilient Archaeology Scotland

This project will review Archaeology Scotland's operating model, specifically focussing on exploring potential new streams of income and an audience review.

Applicant: Archaeology Scotland

Decision: Award Grant of £36,300 (67%)

Whithorn Trust Training for the Future

This project aims to build the capacity of The Whithorn Trust through the provision of training for staff and board members, to improve the resilience of the trust and potentially enable future development to create a better visitor experience.

Applicant: The Whithorn Trust

Decision: Reject

Creating a Resilient Future for the Cabrach Trust

The project is focused on building the organisational resilience and capacity of the Cabrach Trust and assisting with future planning to enable it to deliver a project which will catalyse the regeneration of the community of Cabrach, Moray.

Applicant: The Cabrach Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £28,600 (95%)

The John Muir Way - creating a sustainable income stream

The project aims to develop a sustainable funding model for the John Muir Way, created in 2014 to commemorate the centenary of John Muir’s death.

Applicant: Central Scotland Green Network Trust

Decision: Reject

Creating a sustainable community heritage hub in North Lewis

Comunn Eachdraidh Nis is an historical society in North Lewis which is due to open a newly redeveloped museum and visitor centre. The project aims to ensure its sustainability by supporting operation in the first year.

Applicant: Comunn Eachdraidh Nis

Decision: Reject


First World War

Scapa 100; Conference and Exhibition: The Orkney Story.

Stromness Museum will hold a conference on the 1919 scuttling of the German Fleet through the eyes of the Stromness community, from initial salvage operations to today's usage as a diving destination.

Applicant: Orkney Natural History Society

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (66%)

Outer Hebrides Peace Celebrations 1919 – 2019

This project will focus on the Peacetime celebrations of 1919 which were held in the local area, researching and examining the aftermath of the First World War and how it shaped the lives of the community 100 years ago.

Applicant: Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Save the fleet launch Cingalee which served the Royal Navy in the First World War

This project will restore and preserve Cingalee, a fast launch that was part of the Royal Navy’s fleet based in Scapa Flow during the First World War.

Applicant: Orkney Historic Boat Society

Decision: Award Grant of £9,100 (69%)