Scotland: Committee decisions September 2019

Summary minutes of the meeting of the Committee for Scotland held on Thursday 5 September 2019 in Daniel Standford Meeting room, St John's Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ starting at 10.00am.


  • Ray Macfarlane (Chair)
  • Sam Anderson
  • Stuart Housden
  • Martyn Wade
  • Liz Davidson
  • Beltus Etchu


  • Gillian Findlay
  • Alice Mayne

Committee Business

1. Chair’s Report

The Chair welcomed Caroline Clark as the Director of The National Lottery Heritage Fund Scotland to her first meeting in post.

Irene Hurrell, Director of Legal and Governance was welcomed to the meeting as the representative from the Executive.

The Chair received apologies from Gillian Findlay and Alice Mayne

The Chair updated the members on the following areas:

  • The Chair attended the Edinburgh Tattoo as a guest of Historic Environment Scotland in August where they updated their organisational move to generate additional funds for the organisation.  
  • The National Lottery was celebrating its 25th anniversary in November 2019, The Chair attended the quarterly meeting of the Scottish Lottery Distributors’ Forum with Caroline Clark and the other Chief Executives and Chairs of all the Lottery Distributors.  The National Promotions Unit provided an update on the planned activity surrounding this celebration.
  • At the Board meeting in July the Governance Review was presented and was received positively by the Board. The Legal and Governance Team were currently working on a detailed implementation plan for the priority recommendations and the plan would be considered by the Board at their September meeting.   Any comments and recommendations were welcomed from the Committee.  

2. Minutes of the meeting on 13 June 2019                                           

CS 2019 (2) 2

Committee agreed the minutes. The minutes were signed by the Chair.

3. Matters arising from the minutes

No matters arisen.

4. Country Director’s report              

CS 2019 (2) 4

Caroline Clark presented the Committee with an update. This included:

Since new major grants programme has been launched, Heritage Horizons, there had been a good level of interest from potential applicants in Scotland.

Business Innovation and Insight policy colleagues hosted a workshop for stakeholders at the Glasgow Women’s Library to gather views and the key priorities of those involved in wellbeing related  organisations and projects in Scotland.  It was noted that this was well attended by representatives from the heritage sector but more work needed to be done to get greater representation from the health sector.

She thanked Committee members for attending events in the last quarter. Stuart Housden fed back that the Fife Pilgrim Way launch was a vibrant and impressive event; combining a great project and partnership working. 

Caroline updated that she would attend the 1st Anniversary of the V&A Dundee on 5 September and that herself and Ray were to attend the National Museums Dinner next month.

Concern was raised by Committee members about adequate acknowledgement being in place by our successful grantees.  It was agreed that The Fund should ensure that our requirements were more rigorous.    

5. Corporate Update       

CS 19/20 (2) 5

Irene Hurrell, Director of Legal and Governance presented the Committee with an update.  This included:

A skills audit would be undertaken for all Committee members and the terms of reference would also be reviewed.  Any missing skill sets would be taken into consideration when appointing future members of the Committee.

National Lottery Income was ahead of projections.

The move of the headquarters to St. Katherine’s Dock in London was now complete.

6. SF4 Delivery Round and SFF applications Overview paper          

CS 19/20 (2) 6

Riona McMorrow, Head of Investment presented this paper.  The following was noted:

Riona highlighted that the sustainability appraisal which focused on an applicant’s sustainability and environmental outcomes and credentials should not influence decision making but be utilised as a tool for applicants to improve upon during the delivery of a successful application.

7. Scotland Budget                                                                                  

CS 19/20 (2) 7

The paper was presented by Riona McMorrow.

The budget for Scotland for 2019-20 was £16 million, comprising of £12.2m for Committee.  The indicative budget for this meeting was £3.05m, however the Committee overspent in June by £504,600 which leaves a budget of £2,545,000 for September against demand of £3,138,000.

8. Declarations of Interest

No conflicts of interest to note.

SFF single round applications for discussion and decision (£100k-£250k)

9. Single Round Grants Overview

CS 19/20 (2) 9

The Tea House at the Japanese Garden at Cowden

Grantee: Cowden Castle SCIO

Request: Award Grant of £229,500 (52%)

Project: Cowden Castle SCIO will undertake a variety of improvements to the Japanese Garden at Cowden, including capital, interpretation, and activity-based elements, centred around the reinstatement of the garden's ceremonial Tea House. The project builds upon an ongoing restoration programme of the garden and will offer opportunities for community engagement.

The Committee for Scotland AWARDED a grant of £229,500 (52%)

Storas Ulbha - Celebrating the People of Ulva

Grantee: North West Mull Community Woodland Company

Request: Award Grant of £212,500 (15%)

Project: The project will renovate the B-listed Ulva House to become a visitor centre with ancillary self-catering accommodation and will create accessible interpretation in Ulva House and throughout Ulva.

The Committee for Scotland AWARDED a grant of £212,500 (15%).

Gateway to Gigha

Grantee: Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust

Request: Award Grant of £146,100 (23%)

Project: This project proposes to improve access and interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Isle of Gigha. Building on wider island initiatives, the project will look to enhance visitor experiences.

The Committee for Scotland REJECTED the application.

SFF development round applications for discussion and decision

10. #Everyone's Theatre - Telling the Story                       

CS 19/20 (2) 10

Grantee: Capital Theatres

Request: Award Development Grant of £174,000 (13%) and potential Delivery Grant of £1,726,000 (8%)

Project: This project would revitalise the historic A-Listed King's Theatre in the Tollcross area of Edinburgh, creating a fully-accessible, fit-for-purpose theatre and community hub.

The Committee for Scotland agreed the application represented a high priority and AWARDED a first round pass of £1,726,000 including a development grant of £174,000

11. Redevelopment of Strathnaver Museum as a heritage hub, north-west Sutherland

CS 19/20 (2)  11

Grantee: Strathnaver Museum

Request: Development Grant of £0 and potential Delivery Grant of £650,000 (40%)

Project: This project will restore and redevelop the B-listed former church that houses Strathnaver Museum as a heritage hub for North West Sutherland.

The Committee for Scotland agreed the application represented a high priority and AWARDED a first round pass of £650,000 (40%)

Papers for discussion

13. Committee Engagement

In advance to the implementation plan following the Governance review the Committee members discussed how they could best support the Scotland team moving forward.

14. Communications Report                                                                         

CS 2019 (2)

The Committee noted the report and highlighted the following:

 The National Lottery was to celebrate its 25th birthday in November. Shiona Mackay Communications and Marketing Manager highlighted the planned celebrations that the National Promotions Unit are progressing.

Any other business

The next meeting will be held on 28 November 2019 with the Annual Committee Away day on the 27 November.