Northern Ireland: delegated decisions October 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Director, Northern Ireland on 28 October 2019.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

The Book of Knockninny

Applicant: Aughakillymaude Community Association

Project description: This is a publication and audience engagement project. Proposals to target people of Fermanagh who would not usually be involved with historical academic papers and community seminars, talks, displays and school learning packs.

Decision: Reject


Access and Archive Project

Applicant: Fermanagh Geneaology Centre

Project description: The project wishes to deal with better Access and separately the continuing development of a local Archive Project using volunteers.

Decision: Reject


Digitising the Nangle archive for Ditigitalisation

Applicant: Associated Photojournalism for Art & Culture

Project description: The project aims to digitise the Nangle collection, a 6000 plus analogue image archive produced by photojournalist Martin Nangle between 1973-1989 documenting the social and cultural heritage of Belfast during The Troubles.

Decision: Award Grant of £8,400 (47%)


Restoration of Termonamongan Parish Church (The Bright and Beautiful Campaign)

Applicant: Derg Parish Church Castlederg

Project description: The applicant aims to remove the existing roof and replace with new natural slates. Plans are to create a multi-purpose meeting room for community groups.

Decision: Reject


The Madill Archive Project

Applicant: Ulster University

Project description: The project aims to curate and digitise the archive of Harry Madill, an amateur sailor and traditional boat enthusiast.

Decision: Award Grant of £77,000 (100%)


Irish FA Foundation Limited

Applicant: Football Heritage NI

Project description: The applicant aspires to expand on their current history and heritage outreach work and develop a permanent archive space within their Heritage and Education Centre at Windsor Park.

Decision: Reject