Northern Ireland: delegated decisions May 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Director, Northern Ireland on 28 May 2019.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Establishment of Presbyterian Heritage Centre within the Walled City of Londonderry

Applicant: Blue Coat School Heritage Centre

Project description: To revitalise and reopen the Blue Coat School Visitor Centre.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)


Feasibility Study

Applicant: Milford Buildings Preservation Trust

Project description: To undertake a feasibility study to outline more effective marketing strategies and engagement initiatives to facilitate increased usage of the museum.

Decision: Reject


100 Years Remembered

Applicant: Ulster Special Constabulary Association

Project description: To develop a digital archive/audio record of the day to day lives of those who served in the Ulster Special Constabulary which was formed in 1920.

Decision: Reject


The Mill – A Step down memory lane

Applicant: Sticky Fingers Arts

Project description: To work with local historians, local community groups and members of the public to collect stories and memories of a mill building in Newry that is being renovated for use as a children's art centre. 

Decision: Award £10,000 (90%)


“400th Anniversary Commemoration of the Commencement of the Transatlantic Slave Trade”

Applicant: African and Caribbean Support Organisation Northern Ireland (ACSONI)

Project description: To observe the 400th Anniversary of the Commencement of Transatlantic Slave Trade through a programme of art, exhibition, artistic performance and community conversation.

Decision: Award £42,000 (100%)