Northern Ireland: delegated decisions June 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, Northern Ireland on 28 June 2021.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage 

People, Places, Events – Exploring our Heritage 

Applicant: Co-operation Ireland 

Project description: Project will explore events of the last 100 years through a network of four regional organisations. Activities will include the delivery of workshops and the production and promotion of online resources. 

Decision: Award Grant of £70,400 (100%) 


Creative Response to Your Local Heritage 

Applicant: Ulster Architectural Heritage Society 

Project description: Project will run a series of creative art workshops for the public, upskill staff and add a category to the Heritage Angels Awards to make them more accessible to the general public. 

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%) 


Heritage Grants – Grant Increase 

Ceangal – Reconnecting nature and landscape with culture, people and communities on Drumnaph Nature Reserve 

Applicant: Carntogher Community Association 

Project description: 1-year extension and grant increase to help deliver the original project which was impacted by COVID-19. 

Decision: Award Grant Increase of £7,700 (63.5%)