Northern Ireland: delegated decisions July 2021

Northern Ireland: delegated decisions July 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, Northern Ireland on 26 July 2021.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage 

Sport in the Community: Shaping NI for 100 Years 

Applicant: Sported Foundation 

Project description: Project to engage participants from a range of sport disciplines to explore sport’s role in shaping local communities and identities. 

Decision: Award Grant of £24,861 (100%) 


Historical & educational tour of Belfast Hillsborough & Dublin formation of Northern Ireland to understand the story from both sides of the divide 

Applicant: Lord Carson Heritage Society 

Project description: Project to take members on a trip to Dublin, Hillsborough and Belfast to examine the formation of Northern Ireland. 

Decision: Reject 


Great Place North Belfast 

Applicant: Belfast Charitable Society 

Project description: Project to deliver a range of activities showcasing the multifaceted heritage assets of the area. 

Decision: Award Grant of £97,900 (89.9%) 


Football Makes Our Shared History 

Applicant: National Children’s Football Alliance 

Project description: Project to explore and share football heritage in communities across NI. 

Decision: Reject 


Museums Challenge: Climate Change 

Applicant: Northern Ireland Museums Council 

Project description: Project to help address climate change needs via distributing small grants to the local museum sector in NI. 

Decision: Award Grant of £55,355 (52.54%)