Northern Ireland: Committee meeting minutes September 2020

Minutes of the Northern Ireland meeting on 8 September 2020 via Microsoft Teams.


  • Jim Dixon (Interim Chair)
  • Mukesh Sharma (New Northern Ireland Chair – observing)
  • Angelina Fusco          
  • Sheila McClelland      
  • Jim McGreevy
  • Olive Hill
  • Darren Rice


  • Jacqueline Irwin

Committee Business

Welcomes and apologies

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting, particularly the two new Committee members Darren Rice and Olive Hill. Mukesh Sharma was congratulated for becoming the new Chair and Trustee for Northern Ireland.

Minutes from the last meeting held on 9 June 2020 and matters arising

The minutes were agreed to be a true account of the meeting and were signed in a digital format by the Chair post meeting.

Chair’s Report

This was the interim Chair Jim Dixon’s final report and as such he welcomed Mukesh Sharma, who takes over as Northern Ireland Chair and Trustee with immediate effect. Mukesh responded that he was very happy to accept the role and looking forward to the future. The outgoing Chair thanked everyone for their support during his time in the role.

Corporate Report

The Executive Director, Business Delivery gave an update to the Members on The Fund’s response to COVID-19 which has had an impact on how we function as an organisation.

Country Report

Director of Country presented the report and the Committee also noted the update for the Culture Recovery Fund.

Country Budget Report

The Head of Investment presented the report to Committee.

  • The Paper was a holding paper as our programmes are presently suspended.
  • Detailed the Heritage Emergency Fund investment figures for Northern Ireland highlighting how much money had been invested, the type of groups funded, our investment across heritage areas and geographical spread.
  • £1.835m spend within Northern Ireland with a total of 57 applications funded.

Any other business

No other business.

The next meeting would be held 1 December 2020.