Northern Ireland: Committee decisions June 2019

Summary minutes of the meeting of the Committee for Northern Ireland on 11 June at Clotworthy House, Antrim Castle Gardens, Antrim.



  • Anna Carragher (Chair)

  • Angelina Fusco

  • Jacqueline Irwin

  • Jim McGreevy

  • Mukesh Sharma



  • Sheila McClelland (joining via phone for item 7)

  • Jodie Jackson


Committee Business

  1. Welcomes and Chair’s Report


It was noted that Angelina Fusco would leave the meeting from 12.30pm and that Sheila McClelland would be joining via phone for the Governance Review on which a discussion would be led by Nicola McCrudden on behalf of Campbell Tickell

Sheila McClelland and Jodie Jackson had sent apologies.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 5 March 2019

NI 19/20 (1) 2

Sue Bowers requested an amendment to Minutes, item 5 – correction to the listing of the new Area Directorates: North, Midlands and East, London and South.

The Minutes were amended and signed by the Chair as a true record of the meeting.

  1. Declarations of Interest


Angelina Fusco declared she had delivered training to members of the Mid and East Antrim Council – item 9.  This was not considered to represent a conflict of interest.

  1. Chair’s Report


Anna Carragher, Chair of the Northern Ireland Committee acknowledged this to be the first meeting under the new Strategic Framework. The committee was informed that at the Board meeting in May the Grand Opera House was given a second round award, whereas the Landscape Partnership for Mid Ulster was unsuccessful. The Director, Northern Ireland, held a follow up meeting at the Board’s request with the Mid Ulster project team to encourage a reapplication.

The Chair commented positively on the SFF training session held in April. Mukesh Sharma stated that this had been very useful and that he would welcome further strategic discussion at future meetings. There was a short discussion on the Decade of Centenaries, the proactive nature of this work, and its wider benefit for NLHF UK-wide.

Since the last meeting the Chair had attended a number of great events including the opening of Hillsborough Castle and a launch at Kilwarlin Moravian Church. Members provided details on other events attended since the last Committee meeting.

  1. Country Overview Report

The Director for Northern Ireland introduced the report which was followed by presentations from the team on small grants, large grants, outreach and engagement and policy and the strategic environment.

Members requested a copy of the presentation and were provided with a copy of the Northern Ireland Plan for 2019/20. The Chair requested that this be reviewed at the mid-year point.

  1. Corporate Update

NI 19/20 (1) 6

The Committee noted the update.

  1. Governance Review with Campbell Tickell

NI 19/20 (1) 7

A Governance Review session with Nicola McCrudden was held. The committee gave their views on a variety of matters.

  1. Grant Budget Paper 2019-20

Stella Byrne, Head of Investment presented the report.

As there were no Round One applications the Committee was asked to note the budget for the year would be distributed over the next three meetings.

The committee was advised that the process for the additional Countries’ Budget had yet to be agreed.


SF4 Delivery round applications for discussion and decision – Townscape Heritage

  1. Carrickfergus Townscape Heritage Initiative; TH-12-04971

NI 19/20 (1) 9

Applicant: Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

Request: Agree Grant Decrease of £131,800 (Change in grant percentage from 69% to 74%)

Project: To bring historic buildings back into appropriate and sustainable use. The scheme would preserve and enhance the character and appearance of conservation areas affected by high levels of deprivation and in need of regeneration.

The Committee for Northern Ireland awarded a second round pass of £1,689,200 (69%) in September 2015.

The Committee for Northern Ireland agreed the application and APPROVED the Grant decrease and change to approved purposes.


For Information

  1. Communications Report

NI 19/20 (1) 11

The Committee noted the report.


Any Other Business

NI 19/20 (1) 12

There was none.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 3 September 2019