North West: delegated decisions March 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Region, North West on 18 March 2019.

Our Heritage

Exploring the life stories of South Asian women survivors of sexual abuse

The project will record and capture the experiences of five survivors of sexual violence from the South Asian community. The survivors have been part of a support group run by GMRC for a number of years. The project will also explore how sexual violence is viewed by elderly South Asian women through a number of workshops. The project will produce a range of tools with which to inform, educate and engage a wider audience.

  • Applicant: Manchester Rape Crisis
  • Decision: Award Grant of £43,100 (100%)

Westfield War Memorial Village Lancaster: Centenary Project

Westfield War Memorial Village Lancaster was erected after WW1 (1919) to support disabled and necessitous ex-servicemen and their families. The project will involve physical works to the monument, research, erecting a new memorial and a celebration event.

  • Applicant: Westfield War Memorial Village
  • Decision: Reject

Castlerigg Manor, Fiftieth Anniversary Project: the Building, the People, the History

Castlerigg Manor is a large nineteenth century Manor House on the outer edge of Keswick. The project will refurbish and restore four of the Manor’s ground floor rooms and provide a permanent display of the history of the building and its people.

  • Applicant: Lancaster Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Sisters Speak: Sounding the Untold Stories of South Asian Female Migrants in Manchester

Sisters Speak is an oral history project that gathers the life stories of 20 women of Pakistani origin in Manchester. Many of the stories of the women have been overlooked; this project addresses that imbalance. We shall do this by developing the confidence of the female beneficiaries by celebrating, collating and disseminating their biographies in the local and wider community.

  • Applicant: Greater Manchester Pakistani Association
  • Decision: Reject

The Littlewoods Heritage Project: Inside the Dream Factory

A project to unlock the history of the iconic Littlewoods building on Edge Lane, Liverpool. This intergenerational project will record and interpret the rich heritage of the building, which is at risk of being forgotten, as the structure becomes home to Twickenham Film Studios. Interviews, website, workshops, events and screenings.

  • Applicant: Liverpool John Moores University
  • Decision: Award Grant of £48,100 (94%)

Preserving Christ Church Pennington, a building of historic and social importance in Leigh

Repair works to the church which have been identified in the quinquennial inspection. Coinciding with this building work is the 150th anniversary since the church founded Christ Church Primary School. A crucial part of our project will see us helping pupils to mark this historic occasion by educating them about their rich heritage.

  • Applicant: Christ Church Pennington
  • Decision: Reject

Restoring Historic Lathom’s Dry Dock

Project description: The project aims to restore a dry dock on the Leeds Liverpool Canal in the parish of Lathom in West Lancashire and refurbish a small disused service building at the site to create a hub for volunteer activity.

  • Applicant: Canal & River Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Our Mirehouse

Mirehouse is a housing estate of some 4000 residents that is a community in its own right. We want the older residents to recall and enjoy their memories of home life, community/social activity, key areas on the estate and their employment. We want our younger residents to hear how Mirehouse came into being; what life was like when it was a new and vibrant estate. Create DVD and literature.

  • Applicant: Mirehouse Residents Group
  • Decision: Reject

The Grand Entrance

HYPE's Worlds First project will utilise a disused Grade 2 listed building within Birkenhead Park to benefit hundreds of young people and the local and wider community. The kitchen, sweetshop and courtyard will also be home for educational workshops.

  • Applicant: HYPE Merseyside
  • Decision: Reject

Women’s Work – memories of Accrington women’s experiences in male-dominated workplaces explored through community performance

Women’s Work will capture the oral testimonies of a generation of working class women. The heritage focus is their experiences in Accrington’s male-dominated workplaces during the 60s-80s.

  • Applicant: History in Action CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Navigating the River Weaver: a story shared

 A project to explore the interesting heritage of the River Weaver. Research, training, exhibition, website, workshops, talks and walks, and events.

  • Applicant: Cheshire West & Chester Council
  • Decision: Reject

Restoration Project CGHC Liverpool

The building has now been acquired by a local church in Kensington whose vision is to restore and have the building fully functioning as a church again and a thriving community hub, with facilities such as a soup kitchen, sewing classes, coffee morning, youth club and other activities.

  • Applicant: Christian Gold House Chapel Intl
  • Decision: Reject

Black History in Stockport

The project will uncover stories from Stockport residents of African and Caribbean descent to gain an understanding of the way they lived in the 20th and 21st centuries. It will focus on the types of jobs they had, highlighting business owners, community leaders and unsung heroes who may not have been championed or celebrated at the time. An archive dedicated to celebrating Africans and Caribbeans across the borough of Stockport will be produced.

  • Applicant: Rising Stars NW CIC
  • Decision: Award Grant of £48,600 (100%)

Roof works to vicar’s vestry and organ loft

The project is to carry out essential repairs identified in the recent Quinquennial inspection report, and addresses the urgent need to complete the re-roofing of the church, renewing the slate finishes and rainwater goods to protect the structure and organ from damage.

  • Applicant: St Thomas' Church Stockton Heath
  • Decision: Reject

Sharing Heritage

Whitworth Men’s Memories

The project is aimed at men in Whitworth, Lancashire, to help reduce social isolation and loneliness. This project will work in tandem with the development of the Whitworth Men and Sheds project being delivered by Rossendale Borough Council. It will be a chance for older men to share their memories, with an emphasis on work. Create an online resource and exhibition.

  • Applicant: Manchester Men's Health
  • Decision: Reject

Underneath the Hazels: Unravelling the past of CF Mott College

This project will focus on Knowsley Archives' CF Mott College collection. This collection will be fully catalogued and preserved with digitisation work to make the collection fully accessible for researchers and the general public to enjoy and study.

  • Applicant: Knowsley Library Service
  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,400 (100%)

Preston Caribbean Carnival Celebratory Reminiscence and Image Archiving Project

This project aims to celebrate the influence and contribution made to The UK’s Northwest culture by the Caribbean community that began to arrive to work beginning in the 1950s and ending with the Immigration Act of 1971.

  • Applicant: Preston Caribbean Carnival Ltd
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

People’s reflections of refuse and recreation

We will chronicle the recent history of the location formerly known as the refuse or landfill site at Bromborough North Dock which became a place of recreation: Port Sunlight River Park in 2014 through the memories of those who lived and worked there. We will make oral history recordings and collect photographs and documents, and articulate those recollections through the creation of resources, displays and an art installation.

  • Applicant: Port Sunlight River Park Friends Group
  • Decision: Award Grant of £6,400 (100%)

The Life of Gerry Kinsella – the Ugly Duckling that became a Swan

The project will focus on the work of Gerry Kinsella MBE, who has worked tirelessly all his life to provide opportunities for disabled people to reach their potential, whether that be in employment, education or sport. Disabled students at the Greenbank College will research Gerry's story & create an exhibition, which will be shown at the Liverpool Central Library.

  • Applicant: Greenbank Project
  • Decision: Award Grant of £7,300 (100%)

Crewe’s Railway Church – the Story of St. Barnabas Church

Our project celebrates the history and heritage of Crewe's Railway Church. The church will soon be the last and only remaining building linked to the nationally famous Crewe Railway Works. An oral history project will explore and record the heritage, history and traditions of St Barnabas Church, providing a local historical resource for future generations to use as a tool and a 'starting point' for future projects.

  • Applicant: Enterprise & Education Alliance
  • Decision: Reject

Revolutionary Nature

The project will engage children from LIPA Primary School in Liverpool with the natural heritage of botany by creating wildflower meadows. It will produce specimen books, botanical drawings, community litter pick events, cabinets of curiosity, a documentary film and an exhibition at Liverpool World Museum.

  • Applicant: Childrens Art Space
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (87%)

Motherhood in Liverpool Past and Present Stories told by Mothers

Project description: We will promote the research, collection and promotion of oral history based on the social history of motherhood between 1950-70 in Liverpool. We will use the project to create an inter-generational history group who will learn about how to research their heritage in Liverpool archives. A younger group of mothers will use interview techniques to record the older mothers' stories. Podcast/website and celebratory event.

  • Applicant: Emmanuel Westly Foundation for Peace, Creativity and Hope
  • Decision: Award Grant of £4,800 (80%)

Bolton People and Places

We wish to offer risography workshops over a six month period to the diverse community of Bolton. The workshops will encourage a wide demographic to engage in discussions about their personal history and relationship with Bolton. They will be given the opportunity to then produce a print which will form part of a shop, exhibition and publication.

  • Applicant: Bolton Contemporary CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Young Roots

The Heritage of the Blackburn with Darwen music scene since the 1960s

This project will celebrate the role that King George's Hall has played in the lives and evolution of Blackburn the town, and its residents and visitors. Through this project young people will have the opportunity to connect with this heritage through research of archives, conversations with an older generation, performance of live music from the time, and will produce a lasting scrapbook and small exhibition.

  • Applicant: Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council
  • Decision: Reject


Project focus is on capturing and telling the story of youth sub-culture in the Old Trafford area of Manchester through the medium of language. Explore personal stories through oral history training, research and discover how the ethnic diversity of the area has, over time, influenced local words and phrases.

  • Applicant: Groundwork MSSTT
  • Decision: Reject

The Stories our Parents Told Us

A project to explore the heritage of the French-speaking African-British community, capturing and sharing stories; songs; traditions and folklore through heritage workshops, a booklet, website and social media set up.

  • Applicant: United Community and Hope Church
  • Decision: Reject

First World War

An Exploration of the Human Face of WW1

The project focuses on the untold and unheard histories of blind veterans and the Chinese Labour Corps during WW1, and the loss of 5000 Merchant navy ships and 15,000 seafarers. WW1 information and images will be displayed on the railings of the Black-E Community Centre with interpretation panels to form an exhibition. A heritage tour of the first blind school, outdoor workshops for the blind and cemetery memorial sites will also be created.

  • Applicant: The Sound Agents
  • Decision: Reject

Stalybridge to Tipperary: the legacy of Jack Judge’s marching anthem on two world wars

The project uncovers the stories behind the writing of the iconic song 'It's a long, long way to Tipperary', including uncovering local history about the Stalybridge pub where the alleged bet was made against Judge to pen a song in under 24 hours. It will explore the ways in which the song influenced the lives of millions during two world wars. A community project explored through drama and community events.

  • Applicant: Mottram Educational Foundation
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Resilient Heritage

A brighter future for Port Sunlight

We are seeking funding to support the implementation of our first 5 year Strategic Plan. Our project focuses on three inter-connected objectives. They are: 1. Making the best possible use of our heritage assets 2. Maximising our income potential through fundraising and commercial activity 3. Building the capacity of our workforce and increasing their skills.

  • Applicant: Port Sunlight Village Trust
  • Decision: Award Grant of £53,200 (70%)

Protect and Refresh our Heritage Activities

We need to build our capability to be able to operate cohesively and effectively, this will involve: consulting with our members, centralising our archive, collecting the countless individual archives, memories and oral histories. We also need to review all our operations, staff structure, consult all our branches and individual members, offer training to staff and volunteers, collate the information and develop a strategic plan.

  • Applicant: Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, Britain
  • Decision: Reject

Organisational capacity to support the stabilisation and long-term restoration of the Burnley Empire Theatre

This project will build the capacity and resilience of the new owners of the Burnley Empire so that they are in a better position to manage the stabilisation and restoration of this heritage asset for the long-term.

  • Applicant: The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty
  • Decision: Award Grant of £44,000 (100%)

Rogue Studios Condition Survey at Varna Street School

Rogue moved into the Grade 2 listed former Varna Street School buildings in August 2017. The roofs are leaking and there is significant damp, damage to ceilings, and buckling of wooden flooring throughout the building. It has become a matter of urgency that we conduct a full condition survey to determine what repairs need to be undertaken.

  • Applicant: Rogue Artists' Studios CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Hopwood Hall Estate – Governance

Friends of Hopwood Hall Estate is requesting funding for strategic planning and governance, which is the key to the success of future heritage work. The goal is to establish an organisational structure that will incorporate a balance between private equity, commercial income, and charitable use to save and sustain Hopwood Hall Estate for long-term public benefit.

  • Applicant: Friends of Hopwood Hall Estate
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Resilient Heritage in the Irwell River Management Catchment

This project will seek to i) improve the resilience of the Partnership, ii) build capacity by increasing people's skills and establishing mechanisms for greater and more active involvement of local people across the catchment and iii) establish conditions through which the catchment's (industrial) heritage can be better valued, shared and managed.

  • Applicant: Groundwork Manchester Salford Stockport Tameside and Trafford
  • Decision: Reject

Keeping Fleetwood’s History Alive in the Community’s Museum

Prepare the trust for a future capital project by commissioning dimensional surveys for initial planning to demonstrate long-term financial sustainability and management; scan 2 historic vessels to generate detailed drawings and profiles for a conservation management plan and future interpretation; train volunteers to develop conservation management plans for the two vessels; identify needs and improvements in offer and service.

  • Applicant: Fleetwood Museum Trust
  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,000 (100%)

Memorial Church of the Protestant Martyrs Viability Study

Our goal is to create a family-friendly hub where the local community can meet and work in order to unite the various multicultural groups within the area. The project will focus on developing a study into the organisational structure of our organisation with a view to the conservation of the Memorial Church of the Protestant Martyrs in Liverpool to provide us with a permanent base for our operations.

  • Applicant: Saba Academy (Youth and Community Resource) CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Grants for Places of Worship- second round

Wycliffe Congregational Church, Wellington Road North, Heaton Norris, Stockport - Phase 3

Urgent restoration work to the walls, windows, steps and entrances to the main worship area to prevent further deterioration to the structure and heritage features. Improvement to the electrics/heating facilities, and creation of an accessible area and entrance. Construction of a website, compilation and publication of a church history booklet, display boards and events to raise awareness of the project.

  • Applicant: Wycliffe Congregational Church
  • Decision: Award Grant of £218,500 (62%)

St Joseph's Church, external repair and access improvement scheme

The nave, chapels, and aisle roofs at St Joseph’s are suffering water ingress due to the failure of parapet joints and associated leadwork. In addition, there is a substantial amount of stonework re-pointing required, particularly to the tower, along with structural beam and crack repair. The main gutters and downpipes require a major overhaul along with improvements to the perimeter drainage system. Guide book, e-book and enhanced website.

  • Applicant: St. Joseph's Church, Lancaster
  • Decision: Award Grant of £194,400 (72%)

Urgent repair / renewal of lantern tower & masonry - west end St Marie's Church

From its completion in 1842 the iconic octagonal lantern tower at the west end has proved problematic. The slender structure and massive pediment have been subject to settlement and movement resulting in water ingress over many years. Our project will involve dismantling, repair and reinstatement of the lantern, repair of the pediment and coverings, repointing, survey and provision of monitoring / maintenance access.

  • Applicant: Parish of St Marie and St Joseph, Bury
  • Decision: Award Grant of £214,500 (60%)

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Deputy Director of Operations

Resilient Heritage

Harnessing our heritage for preparing Bluecoat for our future

The project will enable key staff to work with external consultants and a project team to build relationships with new audiences, increase capacity, plan for volunteers, business planning and research for an impact study.

  • Applicant: The Bluecoat
  • Decision: Reject

Victoria’s Pride

Funding is sought to procure the services of both a Bid Writer and a Project Manager who can prepare a robust case for submission to the Council for a Community Asset Transfer of Victoria House, a magnificent Victorian heritage asset in the town centre Conservation Area.

  • Applicant: Oldham Boxing and Personal Development Centre
  • Decision: Reject