North West: delegated decisions January 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF North West on 9 January 2019

Our Heritage

1. An Oral History of Five of Liverpool’s African and Muslim Communities (Parts 1 to 5)

The project will record the experiences of immigrants from Africa and Muslim countries to the UK, through a series of interviews.


Decision: Reject

2. Indian Soldiers and their contribution to WW2

A project to explore the contribution to Indian soldiers in World War 2.

Applicant: Voluntary and Community Action Trafford

Decision: Reject

3. Routes to Roots

A project to explore the horticultural heritage of the garden by improving access, interpretation, and developing an audio tour.

Applicant: Arley Hall & Gardens

Decision: Reject

4. ‘Discovering Dobcroft – Our Community’s Heritage’

The project will deliver a range of activities to reinvigorate a brownfield site creating a rich learning environment where volunteers and local people will understand more about ‘Natural Heritage’

Applicant: Ingol and Tanterton Community Trust

Decision: Award grant of £49,100 (100%)(40%)

5. Heritage around St Cuthbert's Church, two saints and urgent repairs

To explore and celebrate the lives and times of the two saints associated with this church.

Applicant: Dufton Parochial Church Council

Decision: Award grant of £94,800 (84%)

6. The Story of Africans in the UK 2

A multimedia oral history project that will record the stories of 50 UK residents who were born in Africa and have made the UK their home.

Applicant: Citizen Outreach Coalition

Decision: Reject

7. A renewed Churchyard for Newchurch; volunteers restoring, reclaiming and revitalising common ground

To transform the church yard in to an welcoming place to learn about wildlife, gain skills and safeguard the heritage for the future.

Applicant: PCC of St Nicholas, Newchurch, Rossendale

Decision: Award grant of £38,300 (100%)

8. Rhythms of Europe

An oral history and research project that will explore the Cultural Heritage of Eastern Europe in the UK through a series of art forms.

Applicant: Beat Bazaar Projects Ltd

Decision: Reject

Sharing Heritage

1. Lest We Forget - Local Memories of World War Two

The project will engage ten local people with disabilities to undertake research into WWII.

Applicant: BETA

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

2. The Gate - A living History of Shaddongate in Carlisle

Project to explore the local history of the Shaddongate district in Carlisle, Cumbria by gathering oral histories and holding community activities.

Applicant: Effective Communities

Decision: Award grant of £9,500 (99%)

3. Young Musical Heritage on the Marr

This seven month project highlights North Cumbria's little known traditional folk music and dance heritage, engaging pupils from six primary schools.

Applicant: Geltsdale Arts

Decision: Reject

4. Past to Present - 50 years the transformation

This project will highlight the positive social impact the organisation has had on the town over the last 50 years.


Decision: Award grant of £8,500 (100%)

5. What joins us is greater than what divides us

The project will produce a touring exhibition to tell the story of Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman Empire.

Applicant: North of England Civic Trust

Decision: Award grant of £6,000 (100%)

6. Liverpool's Wonderful Women of courage, yesterday and today.

The project focuses on influential women from Liverpool’s history.

Applicant: D Street Media

Decision: Reject

7. Rediscovering Lost Words

Inspired by the removal of natural heritage words from a children's dictionary, the project will engage children in Congleton with their local natural heritage

Applicant: Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £9,800 (100%)

8. Silk Is The Soul will reimagine Macclesfield's Silk Heritage using Digital Technologies

A youth-led project to reimagine Macclesfield's Silk Heritage using digital technology and a creative approach.

Applicant: Cheshire East Council

Decision: Award grant of £25,000 (89%)

Resilient Heritage

1. Initial Boost to Burrs

The project will lay the ground work for long-term plans to achieve a community-led self-managed approach to operation and maintenance of Burrs Country Park, Bury.

Applicant: Friends of Burrs Country Park

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (80%)

2. Future Proofing Chetham's Library

To become a more robust, agile and sustainable organisation, with new and varied income streams and a greater ability to attract funding.

Applicant: Chethams Library

Decision: Reject

3. A Stronger Eden Rivers Trust; Saving Eden's Natural Heritage

A project to strengthen the organisation to enable them to operate effectively in a sustainable way.

Applicant: Eden Rivers Trust

Decision: Reject

4. Achieving long-term sustainability through increased commercial activity and enhanced skills at Elizabeth Gaskell's House

A project to develop the long-term operating viability of the organisation.

Applicant: Manchester Historic Buildings Trust

Decision: Award grant of £78,900 (100%)

2nd Round GPOW

1. St Michael's Kirkby Thore, Repair and Restoration 2

The proposed works will make the Grade II* listed church water tight, protecting the historic fabric and enabling increased community use.

Applicant: St Michael's, Kirkby Thore

Decision: Award grant of £100,800 (56%)

2. Urgent structural repairs to historic Listed Southbank Street Church

Works to improve the condition of the church by addressing water ingress and dry rot damage to the roof, protecting the building structure and preventing loss of the historic fabric.

Applicant: The Community Church in the North West of England

Decision: Award grant of £212,400 (68%)

3. Urgent repairs to a listed place of worship on the "Buildings at risk Register".

The project will halt water ingress and address dry rot problems in the tower and spire with improvements to the rainwater drainage system reducing the risk of future water damage and loss of historic fabric.

Applicant: Christ Church Friezland PCC

Decision: Award grant of £130,500 (71%)


Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF North West on 28 January 2019

Our Heritage

1. It’s Our Heritage Too! BME People’s Contribution to the Building of the Great Border City

Document and share through a digital app and roadshow the stories of black and minority ethnic people who, historically, made Carlisle their home, but whose contribution to the city remains hidden from many people's knowledge and consciousness.

Applicant: AWAZ Cumbria CIC

Decision: Reject

2. Public Engagement with the heritage of RHS Garden Bridgewater – Potting Sheds Gallery

The RHS is developing a new 5th visitor garden at Bridgewater, Salford – restoring a significant heritage asset. We will transform the derelict Potting Sheds located in the working heart of the historic Walled Garden, into a dynamic gallery space to interpret Bridgewater’s varied and fascinating heritage.

Applicant: Royal Horticultural Society

Decision: Award grant of 398,900 (£55%)

3. Restoring Hardknott Forest

Deliver over 700 forestry conservation volunteering days in Cumbria, planting and fencing off native saplings, pulling up or chopping down invasive and non-native seedlings, building and inspecting monitoring plots and remote camera traps, and learning about wildlife and the landscape

Applicant: University of Leeds

Decision: Reject

4. Disrupt? Peterloo and Protest

A year-long programme of activity to mark the bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre in 2019. There will be an exhibition, community activities, workshops and family events.

Applicant: People's History Museum

Decision: Award grant of £46,800 (40%)

5. Jams, Chutneys, Preserves

The project is focused on the heritage of jams, chutneys and preserves across the Burnley and Pendle area. There will be sessions to gather and record oral and written stories, producing a multi-format legacy booklet of jam, chutney and preserve recipes reflecting the heritage of the area and its people

Applicant: Pennine Lancashire Community Farm

Decision: Reject

6. Keep Our Lion Dance

The project will work with 25 young people of Chinese heritage to explore how festivals are celebrated in the Fujian and Canton provinces of China. Research the meanings and significance of festivals which are specific to each province, the dances associated with them, and the food traditionally served at each festival.

Applicant: Wai Yin Society

Decision: Reject

7. Opening up to Our Community

Various works to the church including the installation of a meeting room, structural work to the building, lighting and power installation, increase access.

Applicant: PCC St Elizabeth's Church, Aspull

Decision: Reject

8. Learn to be a Qissah Goh!’ Recording and Performing Kashmiri Folk Tales

The project will use Kashmiri folk tales to promote inter-generational bonding by working with volunteers to collect and record folk tales and proverbs from elderly members of their community. Young people will have the opportunity to learn traditional methods of storytelling through accessing the skills of the Qissah Goh (professional storytellers) in Kashmir.

Applicant: Coventry University

Decision: Reject

9. Oral History of Fading Maritime Heritage of West Cumbria, Rescued through Music of Disabled Residents

The project will focus on Maritime History of West Cumbria, once a world-leader for industry, trade, and shipbuilding. Oral History - will record 70 People with Disabilities and Dementia who will recall through Music, Heritage of Places, Events, when Maryport, Workington and Whitehaven had thriving 19th/20th Century harbours.

Applicant: Sunbeams Music Trust

Decision: Reject

10. Heritage and History of the suffragist Selina Cooper and the Independent Labour party, Nelson, Lancashire

The project is centred around the suffragist Selina Cooper who lived and worked for the majority of her life in Nelson, Lancashire and also the former Independent Labour party building which is located in the town. Permanent artwork, lectures, work on the website, research, launch event.

Applicant: Nelson Town Council

Decision: Reject