North East: delegated decisions March 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of the National Lottery Heritage Fund North East on 19 March 2019.

Sharing Heritage


Six volunteers will develop model-making skills under supervision of an expert model maker

  • Applicant: Sunniside & District History Society
  • Decision: Reject

Fairground Reminiscence, an immersive celebration of the heritage of fairgrounds and the communities behind them.

Fairground Reminiscence is a celebration of fairground culture, heritage, history and communities behind them

  • Applicant: Thought Group CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Our Heritage

Helix Arts’ Story: 1983 onwards

This year long project aims to engage 24 volunteers and members of the local community in digitising and sharing the collections of Helix Arts

  • Applicant: Helix Arts
  • Decision: Reject

The History of Young Asian Voices

This year long project aims to engage young people from BAME communities in Sunderland in exploring, recording and sharing the story of Young Asian Voices

  • Applicant: Young Asian Voices
  • Decision: Reject

LGBT Activism North East: Handing on our history

This 15 month project will capture the untold experiences of those who were activists for equal rights within the LGBTQI+ community and interpret the stories in context of an evolving society over the last 30+ years.

  • Applicant: Northern Shape ta Equal Arts
  • Decision: Reject

Increasing access in the North to the national heritage of the Royal Navy

The proposed one-year project seeks to expand upon the Museum's offer for local people and schools, enhancing the current volunteer programme to facilitate this.

  • Applicant: National Museum of royal Navy
  • Decision: Reject

Welcome, we are Haltwhistle, the local centre of World Heritage

This two-year project will refurbish the early 20th Century Waiting Room at Haltwhistle Station with capital improvements to the entranceway.

  • Applicant: Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership
  • Decision: Reject

Christ Church Circus Central Partnership in Shieldfield

This five month project will support the redevelopment of Christ Church, Shieldfield to improve community use and access

  • Applicant: Christ Church Parochial Church Council (PCC)
  • Decision: Reject

Urgent repair and repainting of timber fleche and bellcote supporting church spire

This one month project will address the current repair works required to the timber fleche and bellcote.

  • Applicant: CLEADON, All Saints Church
  • Decision: Reject

Young Roots

Heritage Ambassador Programme

This year long project will provide opportunities for 40 young people, aged 11-19, in four areas of England to explore and learn about the history of their own communities.

  • Applicant: Affinity Sutton
  • Decision: Reject

First World War

Who were the Heroes who lived in the Pendower Homes for Heroes?

This project will engage participants in research so that they better understand the origins of their estate which was built for heroes who returned from the War.

  • Applicant: Pendower Good Neighbour Project
  • Decision: Award Grant of £6,600 (100%)

The Response

This five month project will engage Year 5 and Year 6 school groups in the local Newcastle area with the FWW through a high quality learning experience.

  • Applicant: Cap-a-Pie Engagements
  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,600 (100%)

Memories of People Like Us

This year long project aims to engage a group of refugees and members of the wider community in learning about the impact that the First World War had on the people of the North East

  • Applicant: Peace of mind
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Food in World War One - cooking up a feast

This year long project aims to engage 36 young and older disabled people from North Tyneside in exploring and learning about food during the First World War

  • Applicant: North Tyneside Disability Forum
  • Decision: Reject

The Borough of Tynemouth POW Parcels Fund 1917 - 1918

This project will document and digitise a collection of primary material, and carry out associated research, to present a picture of the work of the Tynemouth Prisoners of War Parcel Fund.

  • Applicant: Northumbria WW1 project
  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (75%)

Music, entertainment and the First World War

24 young people with learning disabilities will research the role of music and entertainment during the conflict

  • Applicant: The Wider World Project
  • Decision: Award Grant of £5,000 (100%)

Peace Day 19 July 1919

Project description: 100 primary school children from four local schools will visit Tyne & Wear Archives and the Charge! exhibition at the Discovery Museum to learn about the end of the conflict

  • Applicant: Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

They did us proud!

80 young people from four schools in five cohorts from Alnwick, Blyth and Hexham will be supported to research their family history to determine how their relatives were involved in the conflict.

  • Applicant: Northumberland County Council
  • Decision: Award Grant of £4,500 (82%)

Resilient Heritage

Discover and Share Digital Heritage

This twelve month project will improve the applicant's digital platforms to support its project capacity and financial sustainability.

  • Applicant: Equal Arts
  • Decision: Reject

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Deputy Director of Operations on 19 March 2019

Resilient Heritage

Enhancing the resilience of Kielder Water & Forest Park

 This year long project aims to fund a number of pieces of consultancy work that will help Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust deliver its 'Big Picture' vision and in turn improve its financial sustainability.

  • Applicant: Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust
  • Decision: Reject

The Bowes Museum: Resilience Through Investment in People and Business

This 18-month project aims to restructure the staffing and governance at the Bowes Museum to create a more efficient business process

  • Applicant: Bowes Museum
  • Decision: Award Grant of £163,000 (100%)

Understanding Harperley POW Camp 93; Remembrance and Relevance

This six month project will investigate the options available for the future management and operation of Harperley Prisoner of War camp. 

  • Applicant: Durham CC
  • Decision: Reject

Developing capacity of Church to respond to their splendid heritage in urgent need of repair

This eight month project seeks to improve Sunderland Chapel of Light's capacity and capability to manage its heritage asset.

  • Applicant: Sunderland Chapel of Light
  • Decision: Award Grant of £49,200 (100%)