North East: delegated decisions January 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF North East on 31 January 2019

Sharing Heritage

1. Tyneside Irish Cultural Society Heritage Centre

The proposed project would enable the establishment of a more accessible archive with a measure of improved interpretation of its content.

Applicant: Tyneside Irish Cultural Society

Decision: Reject

2. The Old Low Light Sharing Heritage Project

The project will create five exhibitions on North Shield's fishing heritage and the town's connections to international slavery.

Applicant: The Net North Shields

Decision: Reject

3. The ancient hazel

This one year project seeks to build public involvement in nationally important semi-natural ancient woodland sites around Saltburn.

Applicant: Saltburn Valleys CIO

Decision: Award grant of £7,900 (100%)

Our Heritage

1. Rootstock

This 18 month project aims to involve volunteers and people with autism in the creation of a traditional orchard

Applicant: North East Autism Society

Decision: Award grant of £65,800 (68%)

2. History of Coanwood, Featherstone, Lambley and Hartleyburn, Northumberland

This two-year project will aim to collate historic information on the settlements of Coanwood, Featherstone and Lambley in the South Tyne Valley.

Applicant: Coanwood Featherstone Lambley History Group

Decision: Reject

3. Norman Cornish Centenary Celebration

This fourteen month project will celebrate the anniversary of Norman Cornish's birth through a programme of exhibitions and engagement activity

Applicant: Durham County Council

Decision: Reject

First World War

1. The First Remembrance Day 1919

The project aims to carry out research, undertake visits and create an exhibition focused on the impact that the First World War had on the people of Sandyford in Newcastle

Applicant: St Catherine's RC Primary School

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

2. Post-War Women

This project will help young people understand the impacts of the First World War through a short series of educational workshops

Applicant: Cap-a-Pie Engagements

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (100%)

Resilience Heritage

1. Blanchland Abbey Project

This 10 month project will begin the process of giving the heritage associated with Blanchland Abbey a sustainable future by increasing capacity and skills within the community.

Applicant: Blanchland PCC

Decision: Award granted of £41,200 (98%)

2.2020 Vision: Securing a future for nature in a climate of change

This one year project seeks to diversify sources of income to Northumberland Wildlife Trust, with a particular focus on increasing capacity at the Trust's visitor centres.

Applicant: Northumberland Wildlife Trust Ltd

Decision: Award grant of £85,300 (89%)

Our Heritage

1. To serve King and Country: from 1914 to 2018 – Teesdales First World War Legacy

Applicant: Bowes Museum

Decision: Grant Intervention Rate ‘Agree change in grant percentage from 62% to 72%.