London: delegated decisions March 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of The National Lottery Heritage Fund, London on Wednesday 6 March 2019

Our Heritage

YMCA: Celebrating 175 years

The YMCA's rich heritage and upcoming 175th anniversary is an opportunity to tell untold stories and tell afresh the stories already known as part of an Exhibition and Roadshow to be held in the summer of 2019.

Applicant: YMCA England and Wales

Reason for increase: Change in figures relating to cash match funding and subsequent grant percentage increase

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage from 72% to 92% of total eligible project costs

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Deputy Director of Operations on Friday 28 March 2019

Resilient Heritage Over 100k

Commons for the Next Generation; Building the Foundations

This project seeks to establish a long-term strategic outlook under the newly constituted Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators (WPCC) Board of Trustees. This project intends to build sustainable funding to halt the decline in the condition of landscape and infrastructure of one of London’s public open spaces.

Applicant: Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators

Decision: Reject

Cultivating Resilience: Growing London Parks & Gardens Trust’s capacity and diversity for a sustainable

The project aims to build capacity and ensure a sustainable future for the Trust, helping them to celebrate, champion and cultivate historic parks across London by proactively delivering its charitable objects and vision.

Applicant: London Historic Parks and Gardens Trust

Decision: Reject

Building Capacity, Community and Skills: A Resilient Heritage Alliance

This project aims to grow the organisation from a micro-charity and umbrella body, enabling growth and skills development for the 130+ current member organisations, their audiences and beneficiaries.

Applicant: The Heritage Alliance

Decision: Award Grant of £168,200 (97%)

Sustainable Community Support project

The project is focused on developing a strong and resilient organisational infrastructure for delivering quality and sustaining services. The project will support maintaining and further development of the heritage for supporting local communities of Kingston and neighbouring boroughs.

Applicant: Refugee Action Kingston

Decision: Reject

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of The National Lottery Heritage Fund, London on 29 March 2019

First World War

Women in War - Women’s contribution to the wartime effort

This project will research the contribution local women made in World War One, through their work at John Alexander Whitehead’s airplane factories and in supporting the injured soldiers treated at Hanworth Park House. This will culminate in a youth theatre production.

Applicant: Tale Be Told Theatre CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £7,500 (87%)

Homecoming: Music and the returning soldier

This project will use the collection of recordings and instruments that were the height of popularity in the 1910s to produce an exhibition and community event, together with outreach activities to celebrate the musical heritage of the First World War.

Applicant: The Musical Museum

Decision: Award Grant of £8,800 (85%)

Cecil Thomas: Soldier Sculptor

This project will focus on the personal wartime experiences of Cecil Thomas (1885-1976), one of societies most prestigious members. The project will examine Thomas’s first-hand account of the First World War through a variety of activities, including a series of workshops with war veterans.

Applicant: Royal Society of Sculptors

Decision: Award Grant of £9,000 (100%)

Renovating Blake's Memorial commemorating 13 mostly female workers killed in munitions factory explosion 1918

This project will renovate and interpret the Grade II listed Blake's War Memorial, erected by the Hammersmith Mayor and MP in 1921 to commemorate the lives of the 13 mostly female workers killed in a munitions factory explosion on 31 October 1918.

Applicant: Friends of Margravine Cemetery

Decision: Award Grant of £9,500 (95%)

Eyes Without A Face: examining the legacy of pioneering First World War facial reconstruction

This project will be looking at the tin masks used to cover facial wounds after World War One. It will explore the last hundred years of medical innovation and highlight how as a society we are now dealing with disfigurement. This will be achieved with documented workshops, concluding with an exhibition and publication.

Applicant: Picture Utopia CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £9,500 (95%)

Searching for The Grey Lady: a ghost from WW1 at the RNOH

This project will explore World War One heritage from the perspective of prosthetics and orthotics users’ lived experience, building on established relationships and dialogues with Stanmore’s Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Prosthetic Rehabilitation Unit.

Applicant: Pegleg Productions

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)

Bretons - Havering Remembers

This project will focus on the physical heritage around Bretons during the First World War, in particular the Grade II listed Bretons Manor House, and its related objects and archives. In addition, oral histories and memories will be explored with Breton community members.

Applicant: London Borough of Havering

Decision: Reject

From India to the Western Front

This educational heritage media project involving young people from diverse ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds, who will explore the contribution of Indian soldiers on the Western Front. Participants will research the subject, visit places of interest, speak to professionals and produce a short film.

Applicant: Third Sector Media

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (99%)

Trees of Life Memorial Peace Gardens Project

This project brings Hammersmith and Fulham residents together to commemorate family, history and local heroes from the First World War. The project will deliver workshops, heritage events and an exhibition tour across 10 social housing estates where memorial gardens of peace will have been recently created.

Applicant: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (32%)

Improvement of accessibility and visibility to WW1 school memorial. “Less we forget.”

This project will improve the visibility of, and access to a Grade II Listed war memorial which was unveiled in 1921 to commemorate the 221 pupils from Featherstone Boy’s School who died fighting in World War One.

Applicant: Featherstone Primary and Nursery School

Decision: Reject

WOMEN IN WAR: A Community History Project - The Dorothie Feilding Story

This project explores the role of women on the front line and specifically the role of female nurses, doctors and ambulance drivers. A short theatrical piece will be created to tell the story of Dorothie Fielding, a World War One nurse awarded the Military Medal for Bravery in the field.

Applicant: Alfie James

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (90%)

Sharing Heritage

St John's Bells Appeal

This project will allow the refurbishing of the clappers for the bells of St. John's, Sidcup, and add a clock chime to the bells. The art of change-ringing is a part of English heritage and a way for young people to learn a new skill.

Applicant: St John's Bell Fund

Decision: Reject

575 Stories

A participatory storytelling project giving a group of mothers from local primary schools (Iqra) access to a National Trust property – 575 Wandsworth Road. Many Iqra mothers feel disconnected from their local communities and do not engage with local heritage sites. 575 Stories aims to combat this.

Applicant: Omnibus Theatre

Decision: Award Grant of £6,000 (100%)

All in the same boat: a documentary about Clapton Common and its communities

This project will produce a film about the area’s post-war heritage. As people arrived from the Caribbean to help rebuild Britain after the war, so too St Thomas was looking to rebuild the church after being largely destroyed during the Blitz. This film will track these parallel stories.

Applicant: St Thomas Church, Clapton Common

Decision: Reject

Cityread London 2019: Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged

Cityread is an annual London-wide festival that aims to

unite the capital over a single book every May. The 2019 programme will focus on three key themes: Muslim London; diaries and diarists and modern love. An estimated 30,000+ people will be engaged over 250 events across London, Luton and Slough.

Applicant: Cityread

Decision: Reject

Sweet Harmony: Radio, Rave and Waltham Forest, 1989-1994

This project will explore, capture and celebrate an undocumented period of music heritage and youth culture in Waltham Forest: that of the pirate radio and rave scene. It will bring people, places and memories together, celebrating creativity, entrepreneurship and DIY culture.

Applicant: Rendezvous Projects CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £9,800 (100%)

Discovering Stories

A personal history project to record the memories and stories of south-east London’s refugee and asylum-seeker community. This will capture the traditions and cultural practices which they have brought with them and which they have left behind, as well as stories of migration to the UK.

Applicant: Action for Refugees in Lewisham

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)

Hackney History and Heritage for ESOL Learners

This project will provide an opportunity for local migrant and refugee adults who do not yet have English as an expert language to learn about the heritage of the area, explore connections between their own lives and histories and that of the borough, and share their learning with others.

Applicant: Hackney Learning Trust, London Borough of Hackney

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)

Milestones:cultural traditions of births

An oral history-based heritage project focusing on the universal theme of birth. The project will explore the traditions – both contemporary and historical – which are used to celebrate and remember this key milestone of life.

Applicant: Newham Community Renewal Programme

Decision: Reject

Grove Park Youth Club: from 1966 to 2019

A project documenting the history of the Grove Park Youth Club over a period of 53 years. The project will produce a documentary about the building’s history, an exhibition showcasing archival material, and collect oral histories from those who used or worked at the facility over the decades.

Applicant: Grove Park Youth Club Building Preservation Trust

Decision: Reject

The Contemporary Past Heritage Project (TCPHP)

This project will work with between 100-150 volunteers using film and media to interpret the life and impact of Samuel Ajayi Crowther, a freed slave and the first African Anglican Bishop.

Applicant: Zoe Film and Drama Promotions Ltd

Decision: Reject

Journey to Justice Islington

This project will bring to London a traveling exhibition about people’s struggle for human and civil rights. Journey to Justice Islington will celebrate Islington’s rich heritage of the people, places and groups who have fought for social justice.

Applicant: Resource for London

Decision: Reject

Restoration of the Mendelssohn Sundial, Ruskin Park

This projects aims to restore the 1910 Mendelssohn Sundial in Ruskin Park, a local landmark intimately linked to the history of Camberwell and Herne Hill.

Applicant: London Borough of Lambeth

Decision: Reject

Rebuilding the Dream and Sharing our Heritage: Balham and Tooting Community and Sports Club

This project aims to renovate the Balham and Tooting Community centre, which has hosted the Community and Sports club since 1970. The space has been used primarily as a centre for the local Caribbean community, and will be the site of an exhibition on their history in the area.

Applicant: Balham & Tooting Community and Sports Club

Decision: Reject

A creative heritage community project exploring the world of Travelling Menageries and Frank C Bostock

A project exploring the heritage of Frank C Bostock; famous lion tamer and menagerist. Bostock brought exotic animals to all corners of the UK. Gobbledegook have brainstormed ideas of how to bring this tale to a modern day audience.

Applicant: Gobbledegook

Decision: Reject

History of Money, Savings and the Richest Man in Africa

This project will target youth from African and Caribbean backgrounds, developing their knowledge of the history of money in West Africa and how savings practices help to build personal and common wealth. The project aims to increase the financial literacy and the confidence of young people to engage in enterprise through heritage learning.

Applicant: Money4Youth

Decision: Reject

The Chalkhill Reunion Festival (Keeping Our Legacy Alive)

The Reunion Festival aims to strengthen relationships between the original residents from the old Chalkhill and those of the newer Chalkhill. It will share memories and stories from all cultures, and hold activities to remember past residents, and recognise those who have made a positive impact on the estate.

Applicant: Streetfusion

Decision: Reject

The hidden history of Barking Creek; an industrial, maritime and community heritage

This project brings local people together to explore the industrial, maritime and community heritage of the historic Fisher Street (now Abbey Road) on the River Roding. From 1320 the area was home to salt water fishing and grew steadily to become the largest fishing fleet in the world by 1850.

Applicant: Boathouse Barking CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Enfield History Detectives

This project will explore the social history and industrial heritage of the Lee Navigation/River Lea, and surrounding waterside. Forty local Year 9 & 10 students will learn heritage interpretation, research and oral history skills, capture living memories and reveal the area's industrial heritage.

Applicant: Canal & River Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (50%)

Young Roots

History of Surgery: from Invasive to Innovative

This project will investigate the changes in surgical practice following the introduction of Lister’s antiseptic system in 1867. Youth Members will investigate early experiences by interviewing retired pioneer surgeons of the twentieth century, producing workshops and resources.

Applicant: Centre of the Cell

Decision: Reject

Academy of St Martin in the Field 60th Anniversary

This project is to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the orchestra at St Martin in the Fields. Over the course of the anniversary season, this project will work with 20 young people to create visual content that will interest other young people and help engage them with their work.

Applicant: Iconic Steps Film Academy

Decision: Reject

The Dividing Line; Learning from the Newham Monitoring Project & Youth Movement (working title)

This project in partnership with the Institute of Race Relations and Rabbits Road Young Curators will deliver an ambitious project exploring the history and legacy of the Newham Monitoring Project, a hugely influential anti-racist organization in the 1980s

Applicant: Create London

Decision: Award Grant of £43,400 (84%)

Our Heritage Cross Territory

Sickle Cell Disease in the UK: 1950 to the present day

This project will chart a history of Sickle Cell Disorders (SCD) in the UK since the Windrush generation’s arrival and will look at: issues faced by people with SCD and their families; how campaigning and lobbying has dramatically increased awareness, improved standards of care, increased diagnosis; the role of the NHS and patient support groups.

Applicant: The Sickle Cell Society

Decision: Award Grant of £71,400 (88%)

Tape Letters 2 – National

This project sets to unearth, archive and present to the public a portrait of the cultural heritage of Pakistani immigrants who settled in Britain between 1960-1980, commenting on their experiences of migration and identity as revealed through their use of audio cassette tapes as a mode of long distance communication.

Applicant: Modus Arts

Decision: Award Grant of £98,600 (99%)

Stars of Stonewall: Celebrating the last 30 years of LGBT activism in the UK

A project showcasing the history of LGBT activism in the UK since 1989 by showcasing 30 ‘milestone moments’ that shaped the UK LGBT rights movement.

Applicant: Stonewall Equality Limited

Decision: Reject

30 years, 30 stories; An Oral History of Wheelchair Users

This project will identify, record and share the oral histories of wheelchair users from England, Scotland and Wales. Since Whizz-Kidz was founded nearly 30 years ago, there has been significant change in disability policy, legislation and services. This project will explore how these changes were experienced in the day to day lives of wheelchair users through biographical interviews.

Applicant: Whizz-Kidz

Decision: Award Grant of £95,500 (100%)

Celebrating 150 years of RNIB: Blind and Partially Sighted People, Places and History

This project will look back at the social history of blind and partially sighted (BPS) people and bring people together locally by exploring RNIB's Archive, sharing experiences and encouraging the wider community to engage with the history of sight loss.

Applicant: Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

Decision: Reject

Our Heritage

John Ruskin at 200: a programme to celebrate Ruskin's bicentenary, held in Ruskin Park

A programme of talks, workshops and interpretation to celebrate the Victorian artist, thinker and social philanthropist John Ruskin in the bicentennial year of the birth. It will highlight his impact on the park, and interpret his ideas for contemporary audiences.

Applicant: Friends of Ruskin Park

Decision: Reject

Twick Flix

This project will reach out to the local community to collect memories of the importance of the local cinemas. The project will record memories on video as well as collect written recollections, photographs and drawings.

Applicant: Richmond Environmental Information Centre (REIC)

Decision: Reject


This project aims to capture and preserve the history of British South Asian fashion. Young people will have an opportunity to conduct an oral history project, using workshops to collect, preserve and disseminate this history.

Applicant: Central London Youth Development Trust

Decision: Reject


The Parish Church of Abbey Wood (built in 1908), needs urgent external restoration. This project aims to prepare the church building to serve the community for at least the next 100 years.

Applicant: St Michael & All Angels Church, Abbey Wood, Parochial Church Council

Decision: Reject

Giant Leap : Part One

This is a community oral history project for Croydon exploring Aspiration. It will explore the stories, memories and thoughts of people living in a town that in 2019 will have seen two major regenerations, fifty years apart.

Applicant: Funsense Theatre Company

Decision: Reject

Operation Pied Piper: An Oral History of the Evacuees

This project will engage new communities in exploring history. Together with local archives, the Imperial War Museum and community organisations it will record oral histories of the people who were evacuated as children from London during the second world war.

Applicant: digital:works

Decision: Reject

Haringey Heritage Drive - mobilising people to explore the area's past.

This project will restore a Grade II listed screen in Haringey, using this to bring about heritage activities in the borough. With the involvement of heritage groups, local schools and libraries, the project aims to uncover stories, artefacts and insights.

Applicant: Rhodes Avenue Primary School

Decision: Reject

Madge Gill: East End Visionary

A project celebrating the East End artist Madge Gill (1882-1961). The project will involve a digital trail and online ‘museum’, leading participants to discover Gill’s story as an artist operating outside of the mainstream art-world.

Applicant: Works by CIC

Decision: Reject

Conserving, Digitising and Showcasing the Cary Ellison Theatre Programme Collection

The Cary Ellison Theatre Programme Collection charts Ellison’s casting tours of repertory theatre from 1953 – 1980. The project will conserve, digitise and catalogue 1,212 programmes, preserving them and making them available to the public.

Applicant: Kingston University

Decision: Reject

The historical journey and experiences of unpaid carers & their support in Brent since 1994

This project will look at how carers coped and what carers support looked like in 1994. It will explore the support available in Brent, how this has progressed over the years alongside the impact of caring on family relationships. The project will use interviews, reports, pictures and video recordings to present a heritage display.

Applicant: Brent Carers Centre

Decision: Reject

Spice Odyssey: The Story of British curry

The project will explore how Bengalis came to Westminster to set up Indian restaurants. Using oral history interviews and other documentation, the project aims to offer a first hand account of the early years of curry houses.

Decision: Reject

Applicant: FilmWorks Trust

Caribbean Garden and Horticultural Heritage in South London

This project will record, preserve and share the stories of Caribbean garden and horticultural heritage, celebrating the impact the Windrush generation and their descendants have made on South London.

Applicant: Garden Museum

Decision: Reject

Bringing Jamdani to England

This project will explore the relationship between Jamdani, a historically illustrious fabric, and Bangladeshi women who came to London during 1950 and 1980. It will cover the historical links between Jamdani and Britain. Community participants will recieve training to carry out the project.

Applicant: Muslin Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £47,600 (100%)

‘Common Nature' - Clapham Common Wetlands and Woodlands Restoration

This project focuses on improving the quality and resilience of an existing UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Habitat, namely 'Wet Woodland', on Clapham Common.

Applicant: London Borough of Lambeth

Decision: Reject

Show and Share: Opening Tate Library and Archive to the local community

This project seeks to develop Tate’s current Show and Tell programme – a series of free, public events that share items from the collection to illuminate a chosen theme – to engage a wider and more diverse audience within its local communities, particularly in Westminster, Lambeth and Southwark.

Applicant: Tate

Decision: Reject

Memories and Histories of the Old Fire Station - Stoke Newington

This project focuses on the history of the Old Fire Station Stoke Newington, from 1885 to the present day. The first phase will look at the history of the building, while the second phase uses trained volunteers to capture the oral histories and memories of former fire servicepersons.

Applicant: Old Fire Station Stoke Newington

Decision: Reject

Full CIRCLE (Community Integration for Refugees through CuLturE)

This project will share and record the cultural history of refugee communities in London. It will focus on the cultural knowledge of domestic skills, crafts and traditions from the refugee communities that are at risk of being lost. These will be shared under the theme of “Make and Create”.

Applicant: Groundwork London

Decision: Reject

Holy Trinity Upper Tooting Tower Restoration Project

This project will repair the structural problems with Holy Trinity’s Victorian tower, safeguarding the Grade II listed building and and Edwardian wall paintings. The project aims to draw in increased numbers and ranges of people to enjoy Holy Trinity’s heritage through a programme of activities.

Applicant: Holy Trinity Upper Tooting

Decision: Award Grant of £60,400 (16%)

Participatory Arts and Heritage

This project is themed around the arts and cultural heritage of Bromley by Bow, one of the most deprived and culturally diverse communities in the UK. The programme will use ‘co-production’ methods as participants engage in the project’s design and delivery to express their personal heritage journey.

Applicant: Bromley by Bow Centre

Decision: Reject

Ol' Black Music (OBM): 1730 – 1890

This is a project examining the music of the black community in London between 1730 -1890. Volunteers, participants, staff and secondary school students will learn about, research, interpret and then share the musical heritage with audiences across Greater London.

Applicant: Zoe's Gospel Promotions Limited

Decision: Reject

The "Squatter” Years: Recovering Dorich House Museum’s Recent Past

This project will explore the history of Grade II listed Dorich House, former studio home of the sculptor, artist and designer Dora Gordine. Working with volunteers, a project archivist, and a leading artist, the project will recover, record, and share the stories behind the House’s transition from Gordine’s home to a museum.

Applicant: Dorich House Museum, Kingston University

Decision: Award Grant of £65,000 (100%)

Sisters doing it for Themselves

This project will explore the first women's refuge and the contribution of the Women's Voluntary and Community Sector(WVCS) to women's rights, working with school girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, and women leaders representing the diversity of the sector.

Applicant: Women's Resource Centre

Decision: Reject

20:20 vision

20:20 vision is a community legacy project which explores the work of the Salusbury World Refugee Centre from 1999-2019. The project will collect and interpret oral testimonies and ephemera of 20 'grown up' child beneficiaries of the centre to mark its 20th anniversary.

Applicant: Salusbury World Refugee Centre

Decision: Award Grant of £67,300 (77%)


PROJECT ID seeks to uncover and share a piece of lost black British heritage. The project will explore 7 stories that will show the role played by emancipated black slaves in the enforcement of the Abolition of Slavery Act during the period 1750 - 1870.

Applicant: Zoe's Gospel Promotions Limited

Decision: Reject

Telling our stories: coming to Islington as refugees

There is relatively little material in Islington borough’s archives about refugees and their communities from the late 20th century. This project will redress this by recording and disseminating the experiences of refugees coming to and living in the borough.

Applicant: Islington Museum

Decision: Reject

The Rita Keegan Archive Project

The Rita Keegan archive is a collection focused on race, gender and cultural kinship, which also narrates Keegan's own journey as a black female artist. This project will catalogue and deposit the Archive at Women's Art Library, Goldsmiths University.

Applicant: Rita Keegan

Decision: Award Grant of £84,400 (100%)

Inventive Vents

This project will focus on ventilation shafts which are spread around London and provide clues to the underground infrastructure of the city: Bazalgette’s sewage system. Volunteers will record, map and research vents across London and then add them to an online map, Layers of London.

Applicant: Our Hut

Decision: Award Grant of £74,800 (99%)

Historic Harrow Weald Common - Restoration, Interpretation, Engagement

This project will restore areas of priority habitat at Harrow Weald Common, safeguarding and enhancing the borough’s natural heritage and facilitating ongoing community involvement. It will take forward the future management of the sites for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Applicant: London Borough of Harrow

Decision: Reject

“MBOTE” (Welcome): Congo and British Isles Common Heritage Re-Visitation Task Force

This project will train 10 UK/Wide Congolese Diaspora leaders and equip them with Britain-Congo common history resources (book, flyers, maps, etc.) for them to be able to deliver heritage projects in their communities.

Applicant: South People's Projects-SoPPro

Decision: Reject

SPACE 50 Years On

SPACE was set up in 1968 for the provision of affordable space for creativity and artists in London. This project will allow digitisation and access to SPACE archival documents and images, and oral testimonies will be recorded from some of the organisations founding members.

Applicant: Space Studios (Art Services Grants Ltd)

Decision: Reject

Phoenix Community Housing Cooperative - Celebrating and archiving a rich 40 year history

A two year project based around creating a comprehensive archive for Phoenix Community Housing Co-operative for their 40th anniversary in 2020

Applicant: Stretch

Decision: Reject

Where We Belong - v.2

WHERE WE BELONG focuses on the heritage of Native American music and dance performances in Kensington, and Native American musical instruments held in the British Museum, the Horniman and National Maritime Museums.

Applicant: Border Crossings

Decision: Reject

A Changing Scenery: the transformation of Battersea Park’s heritage

This project will investigate the impact of socio-political and economic decisions on the area's heritage; focusing on Battersea Park's initial design in the 1820, the use of the park during the Second World War and the creation of the Pleasure Gardens in the 1950s.

Applicant: Enable Leisure and Culture

Decision: Reject

Core Connects past with present through the heritage of gardens and plants for wellbeing

A collaborative exploration of local history connecting a 100 year old Victorian hospital garden with an existing community garden on the same site, producing a touring exhibition and community Herbarium, culminating in an event showcasing traditional plant related art and craft skills.

Applicant: Core Arts

Decision: Reject

Monsoon Memories (working title)

An inter-generational project in which recently arrived migrant girls will receive training from Protege artists to document the stories of 100 elderly Asian women who came to England in the 1960’s and 1970’s from the Indian sub-continent.

Applicant: Protege

Decision: Reject

Finsbury Park 150

A programme to celebrate the anniversary of Finsbury Park and invite people to find out more about its heritage and origins as one of the original People's Parks.

Applicant: 2NQ

Decision: Reject

Local Community heroes and their impact on local health and social care in London

This project will capture and share the experiences and memories of our volunteer community leaders from the League of Friends in the London region. It will capture the stories of volunteers who have developed and sustained provisions of health care and social care services that meet their community’s needs and aspirations.

Applicant: Attend

Decision: Reject

‘Gujarati influences in Brent'

A project that young people will undertake training in research, object collection and oral history gathering and will record the changes that have taken place in the last 40 years, creating a multi dimensional exhibition.

Applicant: Subrang Arts

Decision: Reject

Home for Craft: Build, Explore, Test

This project will transform the ground floor of Claremont Chapel, a grade II listed chapel dating from 1819, into a new home for craft: a hybrid exhibition, education and events space that champions British craft and introduces a broad new audience to the possibilities of contemporary making.

Applicant: Crafts Council

Decision: Reject

The Thames Discovery Programme Digital Renaissance: Volunteer Engagement, Digital Skills, Foreshore Archaeology

A project to improve access to historical information through a volunteer-led heritage-access project. A Digital Training Officer will develop a programme for volunteers to learn about the heritage of the Thames while digitising our archive. This project will make the TDP more resilient and sustainable.

Applicant: Museum of London Archaeology

Decision: Reject

The History of Chessington Zoo 1931-1987

This project will show the history of Chessington Zoo and will be brought to life in this year long project. The project will use oral histories from the borough’s older people, a digitised archive of unseen zoo history, a graphic novel, and a 2D animated film to increase accessibility.

Applicant: Chocolate Films Limited

Decision: Reject

Entanglements: Curating and conserving West African heritage in UK institutions through community engagement

The project explores the entangled histories of the UK and West Africa, focusing on hitherto inaccessible collections assembled by a British anthropologist. It will translate, conserve and interpret this collection in a programme with young people at its centre, equipping them with transferable heritage skills.

Applicant: Centre of African studies, SOAS University of London

Decision: Award Grant of £99,900 (100%)

Forget-Me-Not Day

This project will explore the WW1 contribution of Black soldiers, service and civilian personnel, especially focusing on the impact Black entertainers had on the war effort, and highlighting how their life experiences during and immediately after the war reflected and contributed to the political, cultural and social climate of the time.

Applicant: Leon Robinson

Decision: Reject

The untold story of Ann Bentall’s contribution to rose propagation throughout the 1920s and 1930s

This project will tell the story of Ann Bentall and her contribution to rose propagation. Ann introduced roses in the 1920s/1930s which was a progressive era for women. Volunteers will research, record and share her story.

Applicant: Jack's Place Charity

Decision: Reject

Dancing through the Market Hall: Wards Corner Memory Routes

This project to explore the cultural and urban heritage of the Wards Corner in Seven Sisters, focusing on the everyday life of the local community to: document the intangible and architectural heritage of the indoor market; digitise material documenting the residents' engagement with the site's redevelopment and create an online platform for wider access.

Applicant: ALDATERRA Projects

Decision: Reject

Southbank Undercfroft Restoration

A restoration project focusing on the heritage of the Southbank Undercroft. This is the world’s longest continually skated space, a monument of brutalist architecture and an important space in the history of skateboarding worldwide. The restoration will see 426m² of space reopened for free public usage and coincide with an exhibition.

Long Live Southbank

Decision: Reject

SoulIISoul - the entrepreneurial group that pioneered British black music and conquered the industry

This project will uncover, record and archive the story of Soul II Soul - the entrepreneurial sound system that pioneered British black music and conquered the mainstream music charts. Heritage materials will be made accessible through an interactive exhibition and events and a national heritage outreach campaign in partnership with Reprezent.

Applicant: The champion foundation LTD

Decision: Reject

The History of BAMER communities and Kingston Race and Equalities Council over forty years.

This project sheds light on the history and evolution of Kingston-upon-Thames’ growing Black Asian and Ethnic Minority and Refugee communities, by collecting the untold stories of South Asian and Korean communities in the borough.

Applicant: Kingston Race and Equalities Council

Decision: Reject

A magnifying glass on Barking Abbey’s archaeology; better studied, shared and understood

The focus of this project is to complete a Post Excavation Assessment of the archaeology of several excavations on Barking Abbey Green, comprising over 8,200 individual feature records.

Applicant: LB Barking and Dagenham Heritage Services

Decision: Award Grant of £100,000 (43%)

Resilient Heritage (Under £100K)

Supporting the Wellington Trust to develop a strategic framework to safeguard HMS Wellington

The project is to develop a strategic framework for the Wellington Trust, to support it safeguard the future of HMS Wellington and includes developing a five-year Business Plan, an Education Strategy and undertaking a Governance Review.

Applicant: The Wellington Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £23,800 (83%)

Network of Migration and Museums

A project to create a Network of Migration and Museums to empower the heritage sector to increase and improve migration-related work (collections, exhibitions, programming and education) at a time when migration and identity are key public issues.

Applicant: Migration Museum Project

Decision: Reject

Foundations for the Future: Building on 130 years of community in E11

Major capital intervention is required at St Andrew’s Church to see it future-proofed and increase its benefit to the Leytonstone community. This project will achieve the significant preparatory work required.

Applicant: St Andrew Leytonstone

Decision: Award Grant of £55,000 (95%)

Freud Museum: Preparing for Change

The Freud Museum is planning major redevelopment over the next five years to broaden audiences, increase community involvement, and improve financial sustainability. This project focuses on three priorities; fundraising, community engagement and planning to manage the heritage better.

Applicant: Freud Museum

Decision: Reject

Expanding the Environment Trust's ability to educate, empower and mobilise through volunteer management

The Environment Trust would like to engage 100 plus regular volunteers by 2020. This will help to meet local demands for help to restore and preserve green spaces and heritage structures, while fully engaging with the local community.

Applicant: Environment Trust

Decision: Reject

Unlocking the Potential of the Tin Tabernacle

Cambridge Hall (Tin Tabernacle) is a structure at risk in Brent, London, built in 1863. The building is one of the few of its type remaining in the UK. Refurbishment will allow Sea Cadets reoccupation, and will also enable a unique legacy to be "reborn" in Kilburn.

Applicant: Notting Hill Genesis

Decision: Reject

Botanical Education: Thriving and Sustainable (BEST)

This 18-month project focuses on sustainability & preserving the last 10 years’ investment, delivering strategic initiatives to build long-term financial & governance resilience, income generation & audience engagement, with a succession plan framed within a 2020-2025 business plan.

Applicant: South London Botanical Institute

Decision: Award Grant of £86,500 (87%)

Hoxton Hall Business Plan and Sustainability Review

Hoxton Hall underwent redevelopment in 2014-15, supported with £1.8 million from the HLF. This project will ensure Hoxton Hall is better managed, people have developed skills and make us more resilient for our communities.

Applicant: Hoxton Hall Ltd

Decision: Reject

Turner's House – Project Pathway to Sustainability

This project is to celebrate JMW Turner's artistic achievement through encouraging visitors to discover the house he designed and built, and the Thames landscape which inspired him.  The project will include the review of and enhancements to the strategy, business plans, governance, organisation and partnerships.

Applicant: Turner's House Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £99,700 (100%)

Safeguarding Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park’s heritage for the local community through capacity building of FoTHCP

The project will put in place a conservation and management plan, initiate a governance review as well as develop new streams of income and a volunteer strategy for Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Decision: Reject