London: delegated decisions January 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF London on 9 January 2018

Our Heritage

1. Brewing Stories: An Oral History of the breweries of West London

This will be an oral history project on the people who worked in the three main Thames side breweries in West London. The project will work with historians, volunteers, three local archives and digital-works staff.

Applicant: digital:works

Decision: Award grant of £29,400 (98%)

2. Victorians on Film: Rediscovering Britain's Filmmaking Pioneers

This project will focus on Victorians and Film. Exploring the great Victorian invention, we will deliver a bespoke, dedicated cultural programme which creates a new space for, and engagement with, Victorian film, placing it at the heart of the story of the late Victorian era.

Applicant: British Film Institute

Decision: Award grant of £36,700 (100%)

3. The place where we live: exploring the history and people of Cloudesley Square

Local volunteers will explore and map the lives and times of the first parishioners of Cloudesley Square through the history of Holy Trinity Church, using local and national archives and records of the 168 burials in its crypt.

Applicant: London Diocesan Fund

Decision: Award grant of £46,700 (80%)

4. Combining Links

Combining Links is an oral history project providing opportunities for young Zimbabweans, mostly refugees aged 13 to 25, living in Holborn and St Pancras constituency in the London borough of Camden, to learn about their own heritage.

Applicant BME Youth

Decision: Reject

5. History and heritage of Traditional Native Rare Breed Farm Animals

The Mudchute, spanning 32 acres in the heart of the East End of London is officially classified as a Conservation Area for Rare Breeds of Farm animals. We will use unique facilities that the Mudchute offers in an inner city setting to raise the profile of our farming and rural craft heritage.

Applicant: The Mudchute Association

Decision: Award grant of £51,300 (80%)

6. Passing the Flame' - an intergenerational investigation into GB representation at Olympics and Paralympics

This project will be intergenerational and educational, bringing the community together to learn about the importance of preserving heritage in relation to the Olympic and Paralympic achievements in the UK. Participants will learn about archiving by visiting the British Olympic Association's artefacts, held by the University of East London.

Applicant: London Borough of Newham

Decision: Reject

7. A Tectonic Revolution – 100 Years of Female Fellowship of the Geological Society

2019 marks the 100th Anniversary of women being admitted to the Geological Society. This project will document and share oral histories of female Fellows who joined prior to 1970. The theme will explore gender equality and celebrate female geoscientists and their impact on the academic, social and cultural heritage of geology.

Applicant: The Geological Society

Decision: Reject

8. Changing Sudbury

The project will explore the recent history of Sudbury since the 1960’s, focussing particularly on the changes brought about by migration, and will create an exhibition, website and archive.

Applicant: Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre

Decision: Award grant of £75,600 (100%)

9. Where We Belong

Where We Belong focuses on the heritage of indigenous people’s performances in Kensington, the heritage of indigenous dance performance, and objects associated with indigenous dance and music held in London museums. The project will explore how this heritage can help us find new ways to occupy and belong to the spaces where we live.

Applicant: Border Crossings

Decision: Reject

10. Last Man standing

Through migration & emigration, the travelling community have developed a unique style of songs that are in real danger of being lost forever. The purpose of the project is to record, document and preserve for posterity songs and their origins unique to the Irish Traveller community in the UK.

Applicant: The Selby Trust

Decision: Award grant of £80,200 (100%)

11. Blue Circle Of Dissent

This project will look at the lives of Elizabeth Montagu and Mary Wollstonecraft and the impact of the Bluestockings against the political backdrop of revolution, change, and radical thinking. The project will produce public events, digital outputs by way of documentaries and filmed expert talks, a high quality colour booklet and online educational tools.

Applicant: Unity Arts

Decision: Award grant of £81,500 (96%)

12. The Genius of the Place: Restoring Alexander Pope's Grotto at Twickenham

A project to restore Alexander Pope's celebrated grotto, the only surviving element of his garden design. People will participate in the project as visitors and trained volunteers through art, drama and geological investigation

Applicant: Pope's Grotto Preservation Trust

Decision: Reject

Resilient Heritage

1. Sustainability Following Success

This project will enable the Heath Robinson Museum to validate their offer, find effective ways to promote and to engage a more diverse audience in order to become self-sustaining within two years. The volunteer team will be strengthen and extended and a succession plan will be built.

Applicant: The West House and Heath Robinson Museum Trust

Decision: Award grant of £35,000 (98%)

2. St Bartholomew's 900 - preparing its heritage for the future

This project will enable St Bartholomew’s Heritage to take the next major step towards acquiring control of the Grade 1 listed North Wing and Gatehouse of St Bart’s Hospital. The transfer of responsibility will create a resilient future for this heritage representing 900 years of healthcare in the City of London and described by Historic England as of ‘extraordinary significance’.

Applicant: St Bartholomew's Heritage

Decision: Reject

Sharing Heritage

1. Saving the Gestetner Duplicating Arts: International Conference at the University of Westminster

This project looks to expand on a previous project about the the Tottenham -made Gestetner machine by organising an expert-led conference and publishing a book printed on Gestetner duplicators in collaboration with Westminster students.

Applicant: Alt Går Bra

Decision: Reject

2. Home Front Film Project

This is a pilot project to be delivered by Digital Drama in the London boroughs of Merton and Croydon exploring life on the Home Front in WW2 in these areas.

Applicant: Digital Drama CIC

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (93%)