London: delegated decisions February 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of National Lottery Heritage Fund, London on 6th February 2019

Grants for Places of Worship R2

Repairs to tower and spire, improvements to toilets adding disabled facilities

This project will carry out Essential repair work to the tower, spire, masonry and other areas to address problems identified in the most recent Quinquennial Inspection report as being of extreme urgency

Applicant: St Matthew's Church, Surbiton

Decision: Award Grant of £187,500 (33%)

All Saints Church East Finchley Roof Repairs Project

The project will address the urgent repairs identified in order to prevent loss of historic fabric. At the same time, the project will include the enhancement of information available to the wider community (including our history), and will build on the strong school links that already exist. The project will also include publication of biographies of the First World War casualties listed on our War Memorial.

Applicant: All Saints Church, East Finchley

Decision: Award Grant of £215,100 (58%)

St Leonard's Shoreditch: urgent repairs to portico and west front

This project will carry out urgent high level & structural repairs to the grade 1 listed St. Leonard's church, Shoreditch. The building's heritage will be made more accessible by the installation of hearing loops & motorisation of heavy communicating doors. The project will engage people with the heritage of the church.

Applicant: St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch

Decision: Award Grant of £216,600 (62%)

St Mary's, Bow: solving water penetration problems and improving accessibility

This project will carry out urgent repairs at both high and lower levels of the church of St. Mary's, Bow (one of the few remaining mediaeval buildings in east London, grade II* listed and placed on Historic England's Buildings at Risk Register), to deal with water penetration problems that are causing damage to historic fabric and risking its loss

Applicant: St Mary & Holy Trinity, Bow

Decision: Award Grant of £220,700 (61%)


First World War

Remembrance: What Black Britons did during WW1

This project wants to use the centenary period to celebrate Thousands of Black Britons - people of African and/or Caribbean descent that were actively involved in WW1 and their contributions to Great Briton by empowering their users i.e. BAME boys, aged 8 to 16 years with knowledge about this/their heritage.

Applicant: Southside Young Leaders' Academy

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (87%)


Young Roots

Known in your Bones – a young people’s exploration of Vitamin D deficiency

This project will explore the heritage of vitamin D deficiency from the Victorian era to modern day, researching relevant topics, holding workshops and interpreting the findings in artistic forms. It will engage with young women aged 13-25.

Applicant: All Change Arts Limited

Decision: Award Grant of £49,900 (100%)


Sharing Heritage

Dulwich Hamlet Junior School Historical Archive

Dulwich Hamlet Junior School has been at the heart of the local community since its foundation in 1884 and has a large collection of historical resources. The archive is currently stored in an unsuitable manner, and urgent action is required to preserve it.

Applicant: Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

Decision: Reject

People, Paintings and Positivity

This project will focus on celebrating the heritage of Paintings in Hospitals (PiH), drawing together stories from the archives, art collection and the stories of people involved, past and present also it will benefit young creative, care professionals, arts-health workers, and local people.

Applicant: Paintings in Hospitals

Decision: Award Grant of £9,800 (99%)

Celebrating Mirza Ghalib(d.1869) the greatest poet of Urdu ghazal (love lyrics) on his 150th anniversary

This project’s aim is to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Urdu poet, Mirza Ghalib (d1869) through a symposium and a concert to be held at British Library or Royal Asiatic Society in London.

Applicant: Culture House Arts and Media Limited

Decision: Reject

Human Jam (The St James Gardens Project) – Research and Development

This project is looking to embark on a period of research and development for the creation of its next in-house production. ‘Human Jam’ is a docu-theatre piece exploring a small community, a huge infrastructure project – and the biggest exhumation in British history.

Applicant: Camden People's Theatre

Decision: Reject

The Lost Pubs of Bow, East London

This project focuses on the old pubs of Bow and surrounding areas in the East End of London. It will be led by the Geezers, Age UK East London’s men’s club who will record and document the heritage of the old traditional pubs of Bow for future generations.

Applicant: Age UK East London

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)

Forgotten Force - Polish Women in the Second World War

This oral history project aims to give first-hand evidence of the past by audio and video recording stories of Polish women survivors of the Second World War who have been residing in the UK for the past seventy years.

Applicant: Jozef Pilsudski Institute of Research Ltd

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Struggles of Bangladeshi Squatters of Myrdle Street / Parfett (1975-1995)

The project will engage community volunteers to help reveal key elements of the struggles for housing by Bangladeshi squatters living in Myrdle Street/Parfett Street and include their fight against racism, the establishment of the Sylhet Housing Co-op and the transfer of properties to its ownership by the Local Council, and the vote to transfer its assets to two local housing associations in 1994.

Applicant: East End Connection

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (93%)


Our Heritage Cross Territory

YMCA: Celebrating 175 years

The YMCA's rich heritage and upcoming 175th anniversary is an opportunity to tell untold stories and tell afresh the stories already known as part of an Exhibition and Roadshow to be held in the summer of 2019.

Applicant: YMCA England and Wales

Decision: Award Grant of £86,600 (72%)

Combat Stress - 100

This project will be commemorating the centenary of Combat Stress, Britain's oldest military mental health charity. The anniversary will combine and make accessible to the public for the first time the charity's historic archive with over 100 filmed interviews with military veterans (and their families) from this project, recording their personal experience of military service and related PTSD and mental illness.

Applicant: Age Exchange Theatre Trust Limited

Decision: Award Grant of £98,300 (70%)


Our Heritage

Tower Hamlets from Past to Present

This project will engage with local young people to show the 'Past and Present' of Tower Hamlets, through learning about the historical past of the borough and focusing on the commemorative mural of 'The Battle of Cable Street' and using archive material to create visual art to be featured as part of an exhibition at Tower Hamlets Local History Library from March-April 2019.

Applicant: Trapped in Zone One

Decision: Reject

East India Company Spice-War Stories (1600-1625)

The project will explore Spice-War stories from the early voyages of the East India Company (1600-1625), delve into their efforts to gain a slice of the lucrative spice trade, and interpret them through fictionalised stories.

Applicant: Brick Lane Circle Limited

Decision: Reject

Not on Our Watch

This project will use oral history to commemorate the sixtieth-anniversary of the Tower Hamlets branch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. These memories will illuminate the grassroots peace movement from post-WWII to the present day, as there was no centrally organised national CND until 1967.

Applicant: Eastside Community Heritage

Decision: Reject

Journey of East London Deaf Community

This project will be investigating and collecting oral histories that explore the impact of the Disability Discrimination Act on the deaf and hard of hearing community in East London.

Applicant: Deafroots Assoication

Decision: Award Grant of £50,000 (92%)

Collecting and Sharing Cultural Heritage about the Moon in diverse and changing Woolwich

This project will work across cultures and generations to collect, preserve, share and celebrate cultural histories of the moon in Woolwich, developing the heritage skills and knowledge of young cultural producers and  volunteers

Applicant: Moon Festival CIC

Decision: Award Grant of £55,200 (85%)

The Aubrey Williams Heritage Resource

This project will tell the story of Aubrey Williams who was born in former British Guiana - now Guyana - and travelled to Britain in 1952 where he pursued a celebrated career as a painter. His contribution to Modernism in Britain is typified by his role as Co-Founder of the Caribbean Artists Movement (1966-72) and his involvement in the Black British Art movement (1980s)

Applicant: Art360 FOUNDATION

Decision: Reject

Chinese Fortunes

This project aims to save and share the life experiences of the 500 members of the Newham Chinese Association. This is the first opportunity that the elders will have had the chance to tell their own memories as part of local heritage, recorded for posterity and the wider public

Applicant: Newham Chinese Association

Decision: Reject

UK Carnival Culture – Multiculturalism in Motion

This project will conduct research into the history, development and socio-cultural significance of Notting Hill Carnival and the significance of Caribbean carnival culture in the development of multiculturalism in London. Young people will be trained in research and interviewing techniques to equip them to make known this vital aspect of cultural heritage in the UK

Applicant: Newham Steel Band

Decision: Reject

Clean Break Theatre Company at 40

Through this project, Clean Break aims to tell their stories, share their impact and methodology and document the journey of women’s theatre and its interface with criminal justice policy and practice over the last 40 years.

Applicant: Clean Break

Decision: Award Grant of £78,100 (66%)

Restoring Hope and Celebrating the Memories and Architecture of Beckenhams Last Surviving Edwardian Brandstand

This project will restore, improve access and facilitate use of the locally listed, Edwardian bandstand in Croydon Road Recreation Ground to safeguard its future. Activities will include volunteer training and encourage learning through archival research and interpretation.

Applicant: London Borough of Bromley, Bromley Council

Decision: Reject

Meet the Collection - a pop-up museum and archive expedition across Royal Borough of Greenwich

This project will show two portable, immersive, pop-up exhibitions – ‘I am a museum’ and ‘I am an archive’ and will go on tour across the Royal Borough of Greenwich facilitated by Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust staff, artists and volunteers.

Applicant: Royal Borough of Greenwich Heritage Trust

Decision: Award Grant of £94,800 (53%)

Preserving and sharing the historic archives of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

This project aims to preserve and interpret for the benefit of the public archives, pictures, film, artefacts, and personal histories relating to the history of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, known as the Royal Hospital for Incurables until 1988 and whose archives provide a unique insight into British medical history.

Applicant: Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Decision: Reject

Grazing cattle to conserve wildlife, increase biodiversity and inspire and educate young people in Tolworth

The aims of the project are to revive and improve the neglected green space and nature reserve that is Tolworth Court Farm Fields Nature Reserve in Kingston; and to engage young people in learning about nature
in their local area.

Applicant: Environment Trust

Decision: Reject