London: committee decisions March 2019

Summary report of the meeting of the Committee for London held on Tuesday 12 March 2019 at 10.30 a.m. at Alexandra Palace, London.


  • Blondel Cluff (Chair)
  • Jenny Cousins
  • Rachel Hasted
  • Claire Madge
  • Peter Neal


  • Maria Adebowale-Schwarte (Trustee)
  • Jon Pickstone

Committee Business

1. Chair’s Report

CL 2019 (1) 1

Blondel Cluff, Chair of the Committee for London, welcomed everyone to the final meeting. She thanked the Committee and staff on their hard work and dedication, recognising the quality of decision taking and assessment.

From 1 April, the former Committees for the South East, South West and London would be replaced with a new larger area Committee for London and the South. Blondel would Chair the new Committee and confirmed that Peter Neal and Claire Madge would be joining her as members.

2. Minutes of the meeting on 27 November 2018

CL 2019 (1) 2

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes


There were none.

4. Corporate Update

CL 2019 (1) 4

Sue Bowers, Deputy Director of Operations, provided an update on corporate activity.

5. London Overview

CL 2019 (1) 5

Stuart Hobley, Head of HLF London, provided an overview of activity in London.

The launch of the new Strategic Funding Framework in London had been very successful and the launch event of the London Borough of Culture launch at William Morris Gallery had attracted over 70,000 people over the opening weekend with over 25% coming from outside the borough.

As part of the new framework, the application guidance now set guidance that staff posts funded through our grants should achieve the London Living Wage.

The Development Team had continued to offer workshops for first time applicants to the Fund’s smaller grant programmes, and introduced new, popular evening sessions to accommodate the needs of volunteers with heritage organisations. Expressions of interest were working well so far, providing a more efficient service from the Development Team and providing a useful tool for feedback.

6. London Budget

CL 2019 (1) 6

One second round application for decision had been received with a total request of £436,600. There was sufficient budget to approve the project if the Committee were content that it was of good quality and represented good value for funds. Members noted the requirement to make savings of 20% at second round over the year.

The Committee also noted that London had exceeded the Fund’s target for funding for places of worship by over £500,000.

7. Declarations of Interest


There were none.

SF4 second round applications for discussion and decision

8. St Mellitus WWI Organ Restoration; HG-17-03885

CL 2019 (1) 8

Grantee: Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese Trust

Request: Grant of £436,600 (85%)

Project: To restore the Grade-II* listed memorial Hunter Organ at Grade-II listed RC Church of St Mellitus, Islington. The organ would be restored in time to mark the centenary of its installation and a programme of activities would involve the local community in events, learning and skills development to explore the history of the organ, the church and its community.

The Committee for London awarded a first round pass of £479,700 including a development grant of £42,700 (85% of eligible development costs) in November 2017.

The Committee for London considered that the project represented a high priority for support and AWARDED a grant of £436,600 (85%).

SF4 second round Board applications for discussion and recommendation

9. Hainault Ancient Forest; HG-16-04728

CL 2019 (1) 9

Grantee: London Borough of Redbridge

Request: Grant of £4,247,300 (68%)

Project: The restoration and enhancement of Hainault Ancient Forest, to include capital works to the SSSI, landscape and buildings. The delivery of a programme of activities around training, work-experience, skills, volunteering and learning. Activities aimed to create a centre of excellence for volunteering and work experience as pathways to employment. The farm offer would be refocused to connect it thematically to the SSSI and enhance the visitor experience.

The Board awarded a first round pass of £4,466,400 including a development grant of £218,800 (73% of eligible development costs) in January 2017.

The Committee for London recommended the project to the Board as a HIGH PRIORITY for support.

Papers for discussion

10. Communications Report

CL 2019 (1) 10

Rebecca Harris, Communications Manager, updated the Committee on Communications activity.

11. Any other business


The Committee said a fond farewell and thank you to Jenny Cousins and Rachel Hasted, who had been members of the Committee for London for five years.

The meeting closed.

Note of Annotation: This was the last meeting of the Committee for London. The Committee would be replaced from 1 April 2019 by an interim Area Committee for London and the South. This would include the area originally covered by the Committees for the South East, for the South West and for London.