England, North: delegated decisions September 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to England, The North on 26 September 2019

National Lottery Grants for Heritage £3,000 - £10,000


Serving the Generations

Applicant: Second Generation

Project description: Produce a visual and audio exhibition documenting the arrival and lives of members of Doncaster's Windrush Generation and their offspring, the Second Generation. The project will highlight the positive contributions made to society by producing an audio/visual archive of stories to be showcased in an exhibition.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,800 (100%)


Clee TV – Seaside Events Showcase

Applicant: Hammond House Limited

Project description: Create a seaside showcase mini-series of magazine style documentaries on the Clee TV YouTube channel, sharing people's memories about major popular events and annual traditions in Cleethorpes.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


Cleethorpes – The Green Route

Applicant: Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire

Project description: A feasibility study to find out if it is practical to establish a specific green route/nature trail through the streets connecting historic parks, gardens and other green areas. Interview local people in Cleethorpes to find out what they know about the historic townscape and the heritage.

Decision: Reject


Heritage Crafts on Coney Street

Applicant: Fabrication Crafts Ltd

Project description: Research and reinvigorate the heritage crafts that have been created and traded on Coney Street in York. Develop and run workshops, demonstrations and talks to raise awareness, and for people to develop skills in these traditional crafts. Exhibition in one of the empty shops on Coney Street, and other venues.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,700 (84%)


Hardcastle Ways

Applicant: 509 Arts

Project description: Research neglected narratives of the 400-acre National Trust Hardcastle Crags and Gibson Mill site in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Cataloguing resources relating to campaigns of resistance to the flooding of the site; collection of Hardcastle stories and photographic images from local communities; digitisation of key documents; launch event.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


Salford: Now and Then

Applicant: Quarantine

Project description: A community-led portraiture project and exhibition that celebrates and explores the heritage of the terraced house, engaging a wide range of people in a conversation about how the way we live has changed over the past 50 years. Make portraits of the residents of a new estate of terraced houses in Irwell Riverside, mirroring a historic series called ‘June Street’, made by photographers Martin Parr & Daniel Meadows in 1973.

Decision: Reject


Bury Remembers – 75 Years after WW2

Applicant: Bury Libraries and Archives

Project description: Work alongside Bury Archives to digitise the three local newspapers that were in print during the Second World War. Digital content will then be extracted and indexed (soldiers images and obituaries, poetry, letters, adverts, cartoons, and any other local content). Work with volunteers to produce a 40-page broadsheet newspaper.

Decision: Reject


Deconstructing Migration – a Manchester Museum project

Applicant: Project INC

Project description: Local young people with additional needs will explore the Heritage Collections, exploring migration themes under its most deconstructed and widest connections - history of migration and the upcoming South Asia gallery, migration of artefacts from global places, and eco migration.

Decision: Reject


Encountering Wordsworth’s Legacy

Applicant: Cumbria Development Education Centre

Project description: Work directly with 200 children and young people, some in challenging circumstances or living in isolated areas of Cumbria, to participate in a creative music, sound and heritage project built around the legacy of William and Dorothy Wordsworth. There will be a series of public concerts and exhibitions featuring new work curated by young people.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,600 (79%)


Salone Empowerment Project (SEP)

Applicant: Ebony & Ivory Community Organisation

Project description: Stories of the descendants of Sierra Leoneans, and their relationship with Britain, as the first freed slaves will be explored and the rich dynamics of the important part Sierra Leone played in shaping the new world. Bring heritage to life through oral history, a journey of discovery, publishing and an exhibition.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


Meet Us In The Middle

Applicant: Art Gene Limited

Project description: Consult, engage, develop and test ideas with local people for a larger-scale community heritage project based around the industrial, maritime, transport, natural and cultural heritage of the ‘Walney Meetings’ channel between Walney Island and Barrow in Furness. This will result in a ‘Meetings’ project activity plan shaped by the local community for a future National Lottery Heritage Fund application of over £100k.

Decision: Reject


Diversifying boards: a pilot

Applicant: Clore Leadership Programme

Project description: This project is a pilot which seeks to find a facilitated solution to the entrenched challenge of board diversity. It seeks to refresh and revitalise up to 20 boards with newly-trained trustees, supporting them to develop their succession planning and understanding of governance best practice. It will work with aspiring trustees and heritage organisations seeking board renewal.

Decision: Reject


Stories of Sefton

Applicant: Acting Angels CIC

Project description: Work with young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) to develop three performances based on oral histories of older local people which celebrate the tourism heritage of Sefton’s coastline. All will be recorded and disseminated through local community/heritage channels.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)


Why can’t we do this IRL?

Applicant: FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology)

Project description: A participant-led community heritage art project that investigates the Suffragette movement of the early twentieth century through collation of the oral histories of Liverpool’s female political figures from this era. Working closely with artist Megan Broadmeadow, the participants will develop a 360-degree virtual reality experience in response to a series of viral YouTube videos featuring attacks on Suffragette women.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (49%)


Going green for COSC

Applicant: Copeland Occupational Social Centre

Project description: Renovate the outdoor space at the centre to make it accessible to people in wheelchairs and enable the members to grow their own vegetables. To include workbenches at wheelchair height.

Decision: Reject


Own Your Identity – Georgian Fashion – Dressing During the Georgian Period Chester

Applicant: Hair Heals Organisation CIC

Project description: Develop an "immersive experience" to share the history of Georgian Chester and reveal the stories of its social life. An exhibition will encourage more people to discover and engage with Chester's fashion histories. Digital outputs such as images and video footage from the project will be shared and distributed to the general public through print media publications and social media platforms.

Decision: Reject


The Oaks Coastal Challenge

Applicant: Durham Heritage Coast

Project description: Work with the Oaks School, Spennymoor, County Durham to undertake a challenge on the Durham coast involving a series of litter picking events and survey work. The project will also provide the opportunity for young people with special educational needs to enjoy the coast and learn about its rich heritage and use the coast to develop and nurture their skills and interests.

Decision: Award Grant of £3,600 (78%)


Historic Figurehead for today’s Training Ship

Applicant: South Shields Sea Cadets TS Collingwood

Project description: Share the history of the Figurehead of the original HMS Satellite, a wooden Pearl Class screw corvette launched in 1855. Restore it to its original state and reinstall it in its original home in South Shields. Work with researchers and experts from Maritima in order to pass on the traditions of the Figureheads, their purpose and the skills involved in creating them.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,300 (79%)


Music Pop Heritage

Applicant: Apextra CIC

Project description: Develop and publish a 16-page, A6 book in the style of a guide book - similar to a tour guide, whereby individuals could follow a trail and the significance of the place will be explained - relating to the music of the Toy Dolls, as 2019 will mark their 40th anniversary. Develop an app. Exhibition; events; presentations.

Decision: Reject


National Lottery Grants for Heritage £3,000 - £10,000


Cheshire’s Popular Entertainment Pathways

Applicant: Minerva Arts

Project description: This project aims to track, map, explore and celebrate the role that transport routes have played in the development of entertainment culture in Cheshire. Venues, the routes taken by travelling entertainment 'troupes' and audiences and the development of 'scenes' and creative districts will be mapped. Local people, school groups and social interest groups will have the chance to undertake archival research, oral history and photography.

Decision: Reject


Heritage relating to the suffragist Selina Cooper and the Unity Hall in Nelson, Lancashire

Applicant: Nelson Town Council

Project description: Create a permanent artwork to commemorate the life and achievements of Selina Cooper which will be located in the original lecture room in the Unity Hall which is now named after her. Replace four stained glass windows; display, on the walls of the Unity Hall, photographs and descriptive materials relating to Selina Cooper; programme centred on her achievements and the history of the Unity Hall.

Decision: Award Grant of £47,600 (100%)


WW2 Sharing Stories

Applicant: Blackburn College

Project description: A community arts project commemorating the Second World War. It brings together old and young East Lancashire residents through a year-long programme of creative activities focussed on the experience of a wartime childhood and the Home Front. The project will promote community wellbeing by creating networks of close relationships.

Decision: Award Grant of £22,100 (83%)


Celebrating 150 years of Manchester’s Armenian Church, its people, its art, its music

Applicant: Holy Trinity Armenian Church Manchester

Project description: Explore 150 years of Armenian heritage in Manchester and trace migration patterns from the early arrival of Armenian merchants in search of trading opportunities. Digitise delicate church records for safekeeping; reconstruct and renovate memorials and headstones and record legible inscriptions; organise activities for community members to share their families' different histories.

Decision: Award Grant of £26,300 (90%)


Awakening Wigan’s Sleeping Heritage

Applicant: Arts at The Mill CIC

Project description: Boost resilience by implementing new leadership and management skills including creating Wigan Arts, Culture & Heritage Trust to protect & manage heritage assets; investing in fundraising to develop heritage sites & activities; investing in project management to oversee multiple heritage site developments; investing in evaluation & monitoring; developing organisational heritage engagement strategy & programme.

Decision: Award Grant of £88,900 (54%)


Building the capacity and resilience of Kielder Water & Forest Park

Applicant: Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust

Project description: Commission specialist expertise to provide knowledge, skills and capacity that will enable the Trust and its partners to widen audience base and to be more resilient and financially sustainable. Investigate and trial ways to generate additional income for the Trust, including commissioning a study assessing the viability of converting a building into overnight accommodation.

Decision: Award Grant of £70,000 (80%)