England, North: delegated decisions November 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to England, The North on 21 November 2019

National Lottery Grants for Heritage £3,000 - £10,000


Staithes Stories - Investigating the Staithes Group of Artists

Applicant: Pannett Art Gallery

Project description: Explore the Staithes Group of Artists; 37 British Impressionists that painted along the Yorkshire coastline 1894 to 1909.

Decision: Award Grant of £8,700 (91%)


Bombs...away! Examining the impact of the bombing of civilians during the Second World War

Applicant: The Peace Museum

Project Description: Enable local people and museum visitors to learn about those who campaigned for peace across the UK and the impact of the Second World War on Bradford

Decision: Award Grant of £7,000 (96%)


Globalmama's Cookbook

Applicant: Globalmama Enterprises

Project Description: GE requests funding to work with a group of female refugees in Sheffield to explore the history and culture behind their cuisines.

Decision: Reject


I Wanna Be Free To Be Me

Applicant: Wigton Youth Station

Project description: The one year, intergenerational project will bring young women and female residents of local sheltered housing together to record and share experiences of growing up in Cumbria.

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)


Minerva Community Project

Applicant: Minerva Community Project

Project description: Engage people with the Grade I listed Roman Minerva Shrine in Edgar’s Field Park in Chester.

Decision: Award Grant £9,500 (100%)


Christ Church Heritage

Applicant: Christian Gold House Chapel Intl

Project description: Restore the building, bringing it back into use as a place of worship and community hub for various projects and activities.

Decision: Reject


The Price of Land

Applicant: The Price of Land Production

Project description: This six month project about the Cumbrian landscape will involve re-writing an existing script, rehearsals and a touring production.

Decision: Reject


Leesbrook Heritage Trail

Applicant: Oasis Hub Oldham

Project description: The project will focus on Saddleworth West & Lees and St. Mary’s wards, exploring geological, industrial and multicultural heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,500 (100%)


LGBT language and archives

Applicant: Pride in North Cumbria

Project description: Review local archive collections to identify materials relating to LGBT+ heritage in Cumbria, working with volunteers to share the heritage with the wider community.

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (100%)


Beyond the War Memorials 2

Applicant: Sefton MBC 

Project description: Engage people in Sefton, Merseyside with the Second World War, researching and recording its impact on the local community.

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (63%)


Halton Mill Heritage Project

Applicant: Halton With Aughton Heritage Group

Project description: Explore the heritage of Halton Mill, near Lancaster – a late 19th century, former water-powered mill.

Decision: Award Grant of £8,100 (79%)


Blue Plaques for Harriet Mahood and Edward Bridge

Applicant: Images of Burscough and surrounding areas

Project description: Explore significant, under-documented contributions of two local residents: Harriett Mahood and Edward Bridge.

Decision: Award Grant of £4,000 (100%)


Fossil Finds in Rochdale: research, walk guides/maps and performance event

Applicant: Skylight Circus Arts

Project description: Research three sites in Rochdale where fossils have been found, produce fossil walk guides/maps and produce a performance.

Decision: Reject


Victory in Lydiate

Applicant: St Gregorys Catholic Primary School, Lydiate

Project description: Engage local school-children to research and record local memories of VE Day.

Decision: Award Grant £10,000 (98%)


Bootle's Horrid History Guide

Applicant: Ykids Ltd

Project description: Engage young people aged 8-17 from around Bootle in Merseyside in activities taking place in Ykids Ltd's new premises. 

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


Raising Awareness, The Red Squirrel Origami Project

Applicant: Origami Pulse CIC

Project description: OP aims to raise awareness of the decline of the red squirrel in the UK.

Decision: Reject


Singing History

Applicant: DreamShine Community Interest Company

Project description: Collect examples of colloquial dialect and explore the Geordie language through outreach and engagement sessions held across the Newcastle and Sunderland area.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)


Wylam Way Collective Memory

Applicant: Wylam Winter Tales Festival

Project description: Enhance the community's engagement with the heritage of Wylam.

Decision: Reject


Stannington Parish Battle of Britain 2020-The Stannington Home Front Heritage Project

Applicant: Stannington Parish WWI Centenary Festival Group

Project description: This Morpeth-based project will deliver a series of heritage activities leading up to commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


1950s Crookhill - Changing Childhoods & Changing Lives Project

Applicant: Building Self Belief CIO

Project description: Engage primary school pupils in areas that have been identified as having high levels of deprivation. They will examine their experiences in relation to those of their counterparts in the 1950s. 

Decision: Award Grant of £9,300 (100%)


National Lottery Grants for Heritage £10,000 - £100,000


Unpicked - an exploration into textiles 

Applicant: Sunny Bank Mills Ltd

Project description: Conserve six textile dye guard books from the late 1880s.

Decision: Reject


Bussing Out- Digital Conversation around Migrant Children's Lived Experiences during the Sixties and Seventies

Applicant: Theatre in the Mill, University of Bradford

Project description: Engage with people from the Asian and African-Caribbean communities who were affected by the ‘bussing out’ policy across 11 target areas.

Decision: Reject


150th Anniversary Heritage Project

Applicant: Skelbrooke PCC

Project Description: Undertake essential roof repairs to stop water ingress at the Grade II listed St Michael and All Angels Church.

Decision: Award Grant of £94,800 (58%)


African Rowboat RƎMADE

Applicant: Creative Hands Foundation

Project description: Engage target audiences from the Greater Manchester African community in this year-long project.

Decision: Reject


The Boring Past

Applicant: Barnardo's

Project description: Explore the difference in lifestyle and opportunities of young people with disabilities today and in the past. 

Decision: Award Grant of £42,800 (100%)


Bury Market Stories

Applicant: Bury Metropolitan Arts Association

Project description: Explore people’s relationship with Bury Market and the shopping culture in the town through oral histories, music, theatre, visual art and digital media

Decision: Reject


Rewind the Clock

Applicant: Multicultural Resource Centre

Project description: Explore the shared heritage of playing games across communities, cultures and generations.

Decision: Award Grant of £33,800 (100%)


Women in Action: Stories of Hope, Resilience & Resistance

Applicant: Collective Encounters

Project description: Exploring women’s social history, predominantly in the areas around Bootle and Birkenhead

Decision: Award Grant of £29,300 (80%)


Women's Work - Working women's experiences in Accrington's male-dominated industries 1960s-1980s

Applicant: History in Action

Project description: Gathering oral testimonies and research regarding a diverse range of women's experiences within Accrington's industries 1960s-80s.

Decision: Award Grant of £49,000 (100%)


A Stitch in Time

Applicant: One Voice Blackburn CIC

Project description: Asian girls will research the heritage of families who came to Blackburn in the 1960s.

Decision: Award Grant of £27,900 (100%)


The History and growth of African pentecostal churches in Merseyside 2

Applicant: Citizen Outreach Coalition

Project description: Explore the arrival of African migrants and the history of African Pentecostal churches in Merseyside.

Decision: Award Grant of £46,400 (100%)


Northumberland Village Halls Heritage Project

Applicant: Community Action Northumberland

Project description: Collect stories from people across the Northumberland area to highlight the significance of village halls in the community.

Decision: Award Grant of £84,600 (97%)


LGBT Activism North East: Handing on Our History

Applicant: Northern Shape t/a Equal Arts

Project description: Capture the untold stories of equal rights activists within the LGBTQI+ community and interpret these in the context of an evolving society over the last 30+ years.

Decision: Award Grant of £66,900 (98%)


Repair of Southern roof pitches

Applicant: St James the Great, Hebden Bridge

Project Description: St James the Great is a Church of England place of worship located in Mytholm, near Hebden Bridge in the Upper Calder Valley. 

Decision: Reject