England, North: delegated decisions April 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers of the Head of Investment to England, North on 17 April 2019

The National Lottery Heritage Fund grants

Bringing Communities Together

The project aims to bring deprived individuals together by regenerating an unused allotment plot which is in a depressed area and turn it into a thriving multi-use community space.

  • Applicant: Conisbrough Community Allotment ltd
  • Decision: Reject

Community Housing Association Memorial

The project aims to build the capacity and capability of residents and community groups, and improve everyday community living environments for local people across North East Lincolnshire.

  • Applicant: Capacity Buildings Limited
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Scissett Community Garden

The project aims to restore a littered and overgrown site to its historic role as a garden, thereby creating a renewable resource to enrich the life of the community.

  • Applicant: St Augustines Church Scissett PCC
  • Decision: Reject

Keighley Arts & Film Festival Heritage Performances

A project to secure funding for two heritage focused performances; 'Time Train' focused on the Keighley and Worth Valley railway, and 'Guided Mill walks' along old mill paths.

  • Applicant: Keighley Creative Space
  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,800 (100%)

Grade 11 listed Pinfold Restoration, Education and Preservation

A project to carry out conservation work on the grade II listed 'pinfold' structure in Rufforth.

  • Applicant: Rufforth with Knapton Parish Council
  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,800 (100%)

Dearne Valley Heritage Local TV Project

A project to create six documentary films focusing on different natural heritage sites within the Dearne Valley, to be broadcast on Barnsley Local Television (BLTV).

  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,400 (100%)

Abbeydale Picture House - Premises Licence Works

A project to carry out mandatory works to allow them to gain a premises licence.

  • Applicant: CADS South Yorkshire
  • Decision: Reject

Horse-drawn touring – a unique theatrical heritage

The project will record the 40-year history of Horse + Bamboo Theatre, focusing on horse-drawn touring theatre production.

  • Applicant: Littleworld Limited
  • Decision: Reject

My Life - My Place Active Playground

A project to share memories of Knowsley through engagement with  people suffering dementia or other cognitive-limiting conditions.

  • Applicant: Caring Connections  
  • Decision: Award Grant of £7,900 (100%)

Active Playground

A project to update a school playground.

  • Applicant: Great Harwood St John's Primary School
  • Decision: Reject

From Cow Shed to Community: Barton Road Community Centre

The project will investigate the history and development of Barton Road Community Centre.

  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,500 (100%)
  • Applicant: Barton Road Community Centre

The Workers Memorial

To erect a statue to commemorate the people of St Helens who have lost their lives during the course of their employment, through accident or industrial disease.

  • Applicant: St Helens Workers Memorial
  • Decision: Reject

Radical Read

The project will enable young people in Manchester to explore the history of protest over the last 200 years.

  • Applicant: Manchester City Council - Education and Skills
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

History of Adventure Playgrounds in Manchester

This project focuses on the history of Adventure Playgrounds in Manchester.

  • Applicant: Manchester Young Lives
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Fencing (inc boundary and ball retention)

A project to install perimeter security fencing at Barrow Celtic Football Club.

  • Applicant: Barrow Celtic Football Club
  • Decision: Reject

A Window on Heritage

To undertake repairs to a stained glass window panel and research its history.

  • Applicant: Blackburn College
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (50%)

Future Memories- a Celebration of Youth Makers

This project aims to engage young people in the Burnley area in an art and design project that will look at the heritage of making in the Burnley area.

  • Applicant: Project.INC 
  • Decision: Award Grant of £9,300 (43%)

120 years of Burnley Boys (and Girls) Club

A project to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the organisation and create a website to share memories and photos.

  • Applicant: Burnley Boys and Girls Club
  • Decision: Reject

DIALECT-I-FEST with Brass on the Grass

The project will run a programme of activities focusing on Lancashire folk traditions.

  • Decision: Award Grant of £7,900 (100%)

Historic Figurehead for today's Training Ship

The project will restorate the figurehead to be displayed on the parade deck of TS Collingwood as well as minor modification to the parade deck for access and relocation of existing equipment.

  • Applicant: South Shields Sea Cadets TS Collingwood
  • Decision: Reject

Women's Banner Group Let Them Be Heard

A project to engage new audiences with an underexplored aspect of heritage

  • Applicant: Women's Banner Group
  • Decision: Award Grant of £8,000 (53%)

Memory Lane Radio Project

A project to look at the history of music and introduce it to a younger generation and at the same time support young people with mental health issues and bring them together using music and history as a platform.

  • Applicant: Anxious Minds
  • Decision: Reject

Loud Arts CICN.W.O.B.H.M

A project to create a documentary based on the origins of NWOBHM or New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

  • Applicant: Loud Arts CIC
  • Decision: Reject

South Tyneside Primary Schools linking local heritage to STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)

A project to deliver 30 ninety minute sessions in primary schools, focusing at key stage 2 children and will link some of our local industry heritage to the STEM subjects.

  • Applicant: Green Shift Education CIC
  • Decision: Reject

Our Place our History

A project to provide workshops and performance activities based around spoken word that will facilitate the capture digitally and in print of the personal histories of black and ethnic minority people.

  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)

Mardon Archaeological Excavation 2019

A project to revisit Mardon Farm in Northumberland for a third archaeological excavation.

  • Applicant: Till Valley Archaeological Society
  • Decision: Reject

Cragend Farm Silo Website and Media

A project to improve safety of the making the building and to restore itto enable public access. This project seeks to document the restoration works online and via social media.

  • Applicant: Lou Renwick
  • Decision: Reject

Smugglers, Shipwrecks and Legends

A project to work with local children from The Drive Primary School to explore and study the history and folklore of Marsden Bay coastline and the surrounding South Tyneside coastal areas.

  • Applicant: Wood Green Residents Association
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (87%)

The Witching Hour - using performance to bring the heritage & folklore of park communities to life

A project to interpret the heritage of two deprived communities in Hull and the Wirral, through innovative public performances and workshops in schools.

  • Applicant: Absolutely Cultured Limited
  • Decision: Award Grant of £100,000 (51%)

Rock Back the Clock

Young people will explore the heritage of dance and music halls in Liverpool.

  • Applicant: Stage Door Theatre Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Manchester and Kosovo: 20 years

The project will explore the heritage of the Kosovar community in Manchester.

  • Applicant: Manchester Aid to Kosovo
  • Decision: Award Grant of £24,900 (100%)

Gaydio Academy - Manchester LGBT+ Oral History Group

A project to create the Gaydio Academy Manchester LGBT+ Oral History Group to bring Manchester’s hidden LGBT+ heritage to life.

  • Applicant: Gaydio
  • Decision: Reject


A project to create a war memorial.

  • Applicant: Pelton Parish Council
  • Decision: Award Grant of £14,500 (74%)

Sensing the Wild-connecting visually impaired people to nature

A project to connect visually impaired people from the Tees Valley region with the natural heritage in their local areas. A programme of indoor table-top activities using all the senses will be followed by guided walks to help build the confidence and enjoyment of blind and visually impaired people, giving them the tools to access and interpret the natural world.

  • Applicant: Going For Independence CIC
  • Decision: Award Grant of £39,900 (100%)