England, North: Committee decisions March 2020

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, England, North on 5 March 2020.

SF4 second round applications


Tyne to Tees, Shores and Seas – Seascape Partnership

Applicant: Durham Heritage Coast

Decision: Award


Revealing the Hidden Heritage

Applicant: Blackburn Cathedral

Decision: Reject


Shipyard Town: sharing Barrow’s past, present and future shipbuilding

Applicant: Borough of Barrow-in-Furness

Decision: Award


Presenting Mesolithic and Modern Man, showcasing the past, present and the future

Applicant: The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside 

Decision: Award a grant of £1,088,000 (63%)


Our Common Cause: Our Upland Commons – Enabling vulnerable communities to enhance iconic places

Applicant: Foundation for Common Land 

Decision: Award a grant of £1,906,800 (62%)


Repairs and refurbishment of Withington Baths

Applicant: Love Withington Baths

Decision: Award a grant of £891,600 (72%)


Restoring The Dome of Home: A living, lasting legacy for the New Brighton Community

Applicant: Ss Peter, Paul & Philomena's Church, Wallasey 

Decision: Award a grant of £362,900 (65%)


South Square Centre – Thornton, Brontës and Beyond

Applicant: Thornton and Allerton Community Association Ltd

Decision: Award a grant of £561,500 (61%)


Restoration and Improvement of Hurst Grange Park Coach House

Applicant: South Ribble Borough Council

Decision: Award a grant of £513,100 (65%)


SFF single stage £100K to £250K applications


Sefton Park and Palm House Interpretation Project

Applicant: Liverpool City Council

Decision: Award a grant of £232,000 (87%)


My Local Catch

Applicant: Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award a grant of £203,100 (85%)


Nature Matters

Applicant: Yorkshire Film Archive

Decision: Award a grant of £208,700 (91%)


Knowsley Heritage Grants

Applicant: One Knowsley

Decision: Award a grant of £230,200 (100%)


Bluecoat Echoes and Origins

Applicant: The Bluecoat

Decision: Award a grant of £208,600 (94%)


Screen /Play – restoring the unique Walturdaw Screen in Liverpool Philharmonic Society

Applicant: Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society

Decision: Reject


Tracking Through Our Times

Applicant: Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

Decision: Reject


Yorkshire Windrush Legacies

Applicant: Kirklees Local Television

Decision: Reject


The LINC Project

Applicant: Liverpool International Nordic Community

Decision: Reject 


SFF development round applications


Holy Name Church East End, visibility, access and restoration

Applicant: Society of Jesus Trust

Decision: Reject


The Ideas Mill

Applicant: Leigh Building Preservation Trust

Decision: Reject


Urgent high level stone/glass repairs for a recorded heritage centre

Applicant: PCC St John the Evangelist Church, Thornham

Decision: Reject


Mining Our Past

Applicant: North Pennines AONB Partnership

Decision: Reject


The Piece Hall’s Next Chapter: Building Resilience for a Sustainable Future

Applicant: The Piece Hall

Decision: Award a Development Grant of £319,300 (77%) and potential Delivery Grant of £650,600


Sound and Vision

Applicant: Science Museum Group

Decision: Reject


Project Tullie: Transforming Tullie House

Applicant: Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust

Decision: Reject


Haigh Woodland Park: Heritage, Nature and People Project

Applicant: Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust

Decision: Award a Development Grant of £256,000 (75%) and potential Delivery Grant of £3,781,500


The Kings Centre


Decision: Award a Development Grant of £125,000 (80%) and potential Delivery Grant of £1,880,000


Crafting Cultures: Reviving Cleverley Old Hall

Applicant: The Landmark Trust

Decision: Award a Development Grant of £150,000 (54%) and potential Delivery Grant of £1,600,000


Hall Waberthwaite: 2000 years of hidden history and culture observed, interpreted and shared

Applicant: St John's Church Waberthwaite

Decision: Reject 


Grand Design

Applicant: Blackpool Grand Theatre Trust

Decision: Reject


Redhills Revealed: A New Life for the Pitman’s Parliament

Applicant: Durham Miners Association

Decision: Award a Development Grant of £400,000 (59%) and potential Delivery Grant of £3,847,500