England, North: committee decisions June 2021

Schedule of Decisions for National Lottery Heritage Fund Committee for England, North on 17 June 2021.

SF4 delivery round applications

Restoration of Velarde’s Masterpiece

Applicant: Holy Apostles and Martyrs Parish, Wallasey

Decision: award grant of £502,500 (63%)

Education and Engagement Project (Sheffield Botanical Gardens)

Applicant: Sheffield City Council

Decision: award grant of £143,900 (90%)

SFF Delivery round applications

Durham History Centre: a whole new story. Activities, exhibitions and digital transformation

Applicant: Durham County Council

Decision: award grant of £1,207,100 (60%)

Deardengate Big Lamp – Shining Light on Haslingden’s Heritage

Applicant: Rossendale Borough Council

Decision: award grant of £1,837,700 (78%)

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