England, North: committee decisions December 2020

Schedule of Decisions for National Lottery Heritage Fund Committee for England, North on 10 December 2020.

SF4 second round applications


Skell Valley Project - revealing, restoring and celebrating the river and its heritage

Applicant: National Trust - Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Estate

Decision: Award a grant of £1,373,600 (54%)


Grant increase applications


Revitalisation of the Mining Institute and creation of the Common Room of the Great North

Applicant: The Common Room for the North Ltd

Decision: Award a grant increase of £721,900. A further grant increase of £228,100 - DCMS Capital Kickstart Funding awarded by the Board to make a total grant of £5,050,000


'Reimagining Wordsworth': the Wordsworth Trust masterplan

Applicant: Wordsworth Trust

Decision: Award a grant increase £383,800 to make a total grant of £4,478,600