England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions October 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Head of Investment, England, Midlands & East on 25 October 2019.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Town Trails and Post Booth Project

Applicant: Welwyn Garden City Society

Project description: This project will acquire and renovate two historic ‘poster booths’ which are at risk of deterioration.

Decision: Award £31,100 (100%)


Applicant: The Clay Foundation

Project description: This project seeks to engage young people with Stoke-on-Trent’s ceramic heritage. They will visit the museums for tours, object handling, archival research, craft workshops and shadowing of staff.

Decision: Award £54,100 (100%)

From Rootless to Rooted

Applicant: YMCA Derbyshire

Project description: This project is about exploring, sharing, documenting and celebrating the personal heritage of 30 people experiencing homelessness or disadvantage in Derby.

Decision: Reject

Restoration of Painted Safety Curtain

Applicant: The Northampton Theatre Trust Limited

Project description: This project will restore and preserve the much-loved decorative paintings on the fire safety curtain in Northampton's Grade II listed Victorian Royal & Derngate theatre.

Decision: Award £47,600 (75%)

Havens East

Applicant: Anglia Ruskin University

Project description: This one-year project will record and share the story of child refugees from the Basque region who came to Norfolk and Cambridge during the Spanish Civil War.

Decision: Award £54,600 (100%)

Underpinning Chancel Wall and Heritage Partnership Project

Applicant: PCC of St Edmund Hargrave Suffolk

Project description: This project will carry out urgent repairs to a Grade II* listed building and digitise a village archive which is currently at risk of deterioration.

Decision: Award £33,000 (51%)

Lights Up - Inspirational women in Theatre

Applicant: Fifth Word Theatre

Project description: This project seeks to investigate and celebrate women’s roles in the theatre industry over the last 50 years and promote these stories to young people in the East Midlands.

Decision: Award £49,700 (100%)

Remembering the Jallianwala Bagh Amritsar Massacre

Applicant: National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum

Project description: This project will produce an exhibition and resources to commemorate and explore the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919.

Decision: Award £35,200 (95%)

Letters from…          

Applicant: Suffolk Artlink

Project description: This project will deliver workshops, engaging school pupils, residents of care homes and the wider public with letters held by local record offices and museums.

Decision: Award £98,900 (93%)

Organ Restoration Fund

Applicant: St Andrew's Church, Aylestone

Project description: This project is to restore the 111-year-old Taylor Pipe Organ at St Andrew's Church, Aylestone for its 800th anniversary in 2019.

Decision: Reject

Community Heritage

Applicant: Jasmine Bennett

Project description: This project relates to alternative Caribbean history.

Decision: Reject

Icknield Trails - Luton's Great Walk

Applicant: One Stop Advice & Training Centre

Project description: This project will involve young people in exploring nature through well-known local trails. They will record the memories and stories of local people to share the social heritage of the sites.

Decision: Award £34,600 (100%)

N.W. Leicestershire Voices

Applicant: Mantle Community Arts Limited

Project description: To preserve and build upon oral histories recorded in North West Leicestershire in the 1980s.

Decision: Award £65,500 (95%)

Lincolnshire Roots

Applicant: Lincolnshire County Council

Project description: This project will work with communities in Lincolnshire, including central Lincoln, Ingham, Friskney and Grantham to explore food and agricultural heritage.

Decision: Reject

The Heritage of St. Andrews, Blickling

Applicant: All Saints Church, Catfield

Project description: This project will repair the roof on the south aisle of the Church of St Andrews, Blickling, and deliver activities for children.

Decision: Reject

Abbey of St Edmund Millennium Celebrations

Applicant: West Suffolk Council

Project description: This project will mark the millennium of the founding of the Abbey of St Edmund through encompassing a broad range of activities and events.

Decision: Reject

Tamworth Families at War

Applicant: Ancestral Rescue Club

Project description: This project will uncover and record the stories of Tamworth people during the Second World War. It will look at ordinary people's experiences from a military and home front perspective.

Decision: Award £4,500 (100%)

150 year celebrations

Applicant: Bamford Community Society Ltd

Project description: This project will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Anglers Rest, the first community-owned pub in Derbyshire.

Decision: Reject

Essential repairs to All Saints Tower

Applicant: J&A Garner t/a Godwick Hall

Project description: This project will undertake essential repair and conservation work to avert the risk of collapse and reinstate safe public access to the tower.

Decision: Award £9,800 (16%)

Restoration of Historic Church Organ

Applicant: Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church

Project description: This project focuses on repairing and conserving the organ at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church in Harwich.

Decision: Reject

The Heritage of North Lees and Stanage: phase 1

Applicant: Stanage-North Lees Heritage Action Group

Project description: This project will deliver activities to inform and update the understanding of the archaeological, historical and heritage features of the Stanage-North Lees Estate. Located in the Peak District National Park, the estate’s landscape is characterised by farmland, moorland, rock edges and woodland.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

HMS Beagle online web tour

Applicant: Rochford District Council

Project description: This project will coincide with the 200th anniversary of the launch of HMS Beagle in 2020. It aims to create an online tour of the ship, encompassing information about its history.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

Improbable Missions

Applicant: The Curious Network CIC

Project description: This project will record and share oral histories focusing on the improvisational comedy group MissImp. The group started as Mission: Improbable in 1998.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

The Halesworth Kennedy Project

Applicant: INK (from Pen to Performance)

Project description: This project will deliver reminiscence workshops, digitise existing recordings, and incorporate findings into scripts for plays to be performed. The focus will be on the death of Joe Kennedy Jr and the 75th anniversary of the Second World War.

Decision: Award £9,900 (83%)

All Saints' Roof Replacement

Applicant: All Saints’ Church Creeksea Parochial Church Council

Project description: This project will undertake repair works to the Grade II listed All Saints building.

Decision: Reject

Repair of Historic Summerhouses, Feasibility Study

Applicant: Stoney Road Gardens Association

Project description: This project will undertake a feasibility study and organisation review as preparation for a larger project to conserve and repair At Risk, Grade II*-listed, and rare summerhouses at the 10-acre Stoney Gardens Allotments in Coventry.

Decision: Award £9,900 (100%)